Best leather jackets for ladies : choosing the current model of the season for a fashionable look

A leather jacket has long been considered a classic piece of women’s wardrobe, is an indispensable thing in the mid-season and takes pride of place in the closet of every fashionista. Such clothes attract attention and always look stylish. If earlier such an outfit characterized its owner as a young lady with a strong character, today, thanks to the multiple variations of leather jacket models, you can confidently create versatile and feminine look. What leather jackets are relevant this season? How and with what to wear them? You will find answers to these and many other questions in our fashion guide.

Trends Modern leather jackets for beautiful ladies will pleasantly impress with their variety of models, abundance of colors and decor. Top novelties for the autumn-spring season are offered both as variations of traditional models in the form of classic styles or well-known leather jackets, as well as in modern interpretations, for example, a bomber jacket or jackets with an abundance of various decor. If we talk about the color of jackets, then this is a complete variety of color palette. You can opt for classic black or brown products, or choose a brighter or more colorful version. In this case, the young ladies are given complete freedom of choice.

Short and shorter model Short and slightly cropped models of leather jackets have become an indispensable trend in recent years. This is an ideal option for auto ladies, because, as you know, modern ladies love to move around the city on their own vehicles, and not only. The short jacket is in harmony with denim, silk and many other models of straight-cut trousers. Lovers of tight leggings or leggings can combine the top with a slightly lengthened tunic or jersey. An irresistibly similar leather thing looks with short or long dresses, as well as fluffy, straight or tight-fitting skirts.

Elongated and long models

This style remains no less in demand than the previous proposal, because the cut features allow not only to emphasize the sexual curves of the female body, but also to skillfully hide flaws, if any. Any model of an elongated leather jacket looks harmoniously with trousers, jeans or leggings, as well as boots, boots and elegant stiletto heels or short shoes. A short or tapered or straight knee-length skirt in this tandem looks no less attractive.

Biker jacket

This original model has been stirring ladies’ hearts for over a century. If initially she was distinguished by a certain audacity and looked bright and catchy, then modern models, of course, became softer and more feminine, which did not affect her popularity in any way. The biker jacket continues to actively dominate any stylish women’s look today, be it a romantic, casual or festive look. This model of jackets is considered one of the most top-end and goes well with jeans and denim shorts, as well as light, airy or tight dresses.


A leather jacket of a similar cut is a voluminous product without a collar, with sleeves with elastic bands, which is offered in the maximum variety – from discreet monochromatic options in masculine style to feminine models with an abundance of decor and various inserts. Skinny, straight jeans or boyfriends with ripped legs, a straight knit dress below the knee length, a pencil skirt or a sheath dress will be the perfect complement to such a top. Sneakers, boots, shoes or sandals – it all depends on the overall style of the image.

Black leather jacket

Black leather is a timeless classic with notes of indomitable energy and absolute freedom. More recently, this thing was mainly a component of a men’s wardrobe. However, the young ladies confidently tried it on for themselves and today women’s leather jackets represent a huge variety of models and styles for every taste and shape. Short and elongated, straight and fitted, with a wrap and decor, leather jackets and classic models – all this is about fashionable black leather jackets. In any ensemble, a jacket of this color must necessarily play a major role. Bright jeans, a snow-white T-shirt and elegant ankle boots with a thin stiletto heel can become a spectacular addition to such a top. To create a more feminine and romantic look, you can combine a leather jacket with a short or long dress in both pastel and bright colors. Stylish boats, sandals or heels will be the perfect complement in this version. You can also safely combine the top with matching boots, stylish leggings and a light-colored tunic, or choose an ensemble of a turtleneck, skinny denim trousers and fashionable boots.

Brown jacket

This option will appeal to fashionistas who want to look stylish and at the same time not dress in black. Brown color, in this case, gives a certain self-confidence and allows you to stand out from the crowd. Brown jackets can also include lighter beige products and brighter ones with a red tint. In any design, this stylish piece is ideally combined with a white T-shirt, shorts or denim trousers. For a business image, you can, as an option, combine with a leather jacket a beautiful chiffon or silk blouse under the throat, a pencil skirt, straight formal trousers and shoes with heels. Brown, red and beige leather looks great with dark gray, burgundy and gray-green clothes. White is ideal for all variations. Dark or light-colored trousers, fitted or straight, for release, a shirt with or without elegant heels will be a smart choice for every day. For a feminine look, you can look at shoes with thin heels and a fashionable dress made of light flowing fabrics. By the way, warm knitted or knitted midi-length dresses in company with boots or sneakers will also very stylishly complement a leather jacket.

Bright leather jackets

Such models of jackets are considered completely self-sufficient, therefore, to draw up a fashionable bow with similar details, you should not overdo it with bright accents. A light, better white T-shirt, a dark turtleneck, blue or black denim trousers will perfectly complement any bright jacket. Models of red, burgundy or, for example, coral color should not be combined with details of the ensemble to match. Gray, beige and other restrained shades should be its companion. A blue leather jacket will look perfect with black, white, pink or milky clothing. But a leather product in gray or green allows you to experiment a little and combine a fashionable jacket with orange, purple or red.

Women’s leather jacket is not only fashionable, but also an indispensable item in the wardrobe. Competently selected details of the outfit, led by such a thing, will make any young lady more self-confident, emphasize all her advantages and complement the image with notes of charm and elegance.

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