100 Best photos of cats of all time

Cats are amazing creatures. It’s hard to find a cuter and funnier pet than these mustachioed charms. If you don’t have a cat or, you can see WHAT you are missing. These are incredibly nice and funny animals that you will never get bored with. So, in our issue – this are the best photos of cats of all times.

1. Magician’s assistant.

A very important shot, because cats almost never use their magical abilities in public.

2. Style icon.

Most people think haute couture is subjective, but you probably haven’t seen this cat and her perfect, beautiful and elegant haute couture outfit: a synthesis of form and function.

3. Wardrobe dweller.

This photo symbolizes persistence and dedication, despite an initially bad idea. Inconvenient, but I won’t give up!

4. Caught red-handed.

Is the owner trying to steal your ice cream? Enough tolerating this!

5. The thinker cat and his thinker duck.

Is there life on Mars?

6. This cat is clearly unique – he knows that a sandwich tastes better if you put it on your tongue with sausage. And water tastes better if you drink it in this position.

7. Bodyguard.

The song by Whitney Houston from the movie “The Bodyguard” immediately comes to mind.

8. Kim Kardashian’s cat.

Go to fitness, girls!

9. The cat who loved too much.

Look at his expression! It says so: don’t get it to anyone!

10. Cat. Start.

This is how the world ends – not with some kind of explosion, but with a cat who hugs a cat, who hugs a cat.

11. Morris fan.

You’re a Morris fan too, admit it!

12. I sleep in any position! This is us about the cat. And notice the sad backpack on the right.

13. Mother protector.

“Mom, I can’t wait to discover the whole world!” – “Yes, ah-ah! You will stay at home. “

14. Displeased kitten.

The world is cruel, you need to know this and prepare for its injustices as early as possible.

15. A loving friend.

If your friend lets you lick his face, then you’ve found a really good friend.

16. My light, mirror, tell me …

Here, the mirror is crooked, and the cat may develop an inferiority complex.

17. I’m the boss.

He has his own sofa! And he can afford to wallow on it all day long! There is something to envy when you go to work at 7 am.

18. Big and small me.

The apple never falls far from the tree. They even have the same noses!

19. The pianist.

Life is a piano that everyone plays as best they can. And someone just gnaws at it.

20. Lover of popping balls.

Sometimes life is a balloon that needs to burst as loudly and effectively as possible.

21. Cool.

What does a cool guy look like? Some will say that being cool means being yourself. Not true! To be cool is to wear dark glasses and sleep where it is impossible in principle.

22. Not a taco lover.

Sometimes in life you need to not only fight for something, but also fight against something. For example, against the hated tacos.

23. Worst sleeping position.

Sometimes, to find the most comfortable sleeping position, you need to try all the options. Apparently this is not the best one.

24. The best sleeping position.

Have you tried sleeping yet? You’ve lost a lot!

25. Loyal friend.

Love will save the world!

26. Unsuccessful selfie.

Sometimes the selfie isn’t exactly what you wanted it to be. Who is more dissatisfied – for sure the owner or the cat?

27. The most delicious burger.

There can be no friendship between a cat and a burger. There may be love, passion, enmity, but not friendship.

28. Cow and cat, cat and cow.

If you see a black and white cow chasing a black and white cat across the field, then the world has gone crazy.

29. A box of cuddiness.

What? Why not?

30. Shadow fighter.

Feline philosophers argue that our world is just a shadow cast by an incredibly vivid reality. But no one before this brave kitten has yet tried to test this theory.

31. Caught hot.

You returned early from a business trip!

32. Lover of dressing up.

Be yourself … but try to find the best style for yourself.

33. Loaf.

This cat clearly looks like a loaf of bread. But something suggests that, as they say, not by bread alone …

34. Oops!

You’ve been gone all day! We got bored.

35. Observer.

Well, the cat is hanging in the air, what’s wrong with that? Scroll further.

36. Contemplator.

If you had such a pretty face, you would spend a lot of time just sitting and admiring it.

37. Unhappy customer.

Well, where is my steak with blood?

38. Simple cat joy.

A vacuum cleaner on your head – here it is, a true cat’s joy.

39. Stone bed.

Fall asleep in any position!

40. Surprise-and-out!

41. Catastrophe is inevitable.

Flowers deserve more, but one thing is clear to the cat – either they or he.

42. Window decoration.

43. Rain.

The real tragedy of this photo is not the rain, but the one who, seeing this expression on his face, decided to take a photo, instead of letting the poor fellow home.

44. Dancer.

Passionate tango dance.

45. Broom, you are superfluous in this house!

Poor fellow, he is not destined to get rid of this thing.

46. ​​Forbidden love.

Love is evil, you will love a rooster.

47. Yoghurt dilemma.

48. New home.

He found a new home and a loving host. We brush away a tear and scroll further.

49. I will protect you!

No matter what!

50. Advertising is lying!

The packaging says: “Cats love him!” But in fact … it seems not very much.

51. What are you looking at?

52. Little Red Riding Hood.

Somewhere nearby is a gray wolf, judging by the expression on its face.

53. Miracle.

No, it really is a miracle! Just look! On the table is an UNDROWED bottle of expensive Rosé Coteaux d’Aix wine!

54. Simulator.

It seems that someone pretended to be dead.

55. Meeting.

Oh, what a mustachioed and fluffy you are!

56. An unexpected kiss.

Love always comes unexpectedly, but the tongue on the neck is even more unexpected.

57. Harry Potter.

Magic lives in each of us.

58. Monorail.

Someone push up to the kitchen.

59. What indecent behavior.

60. Innovation in the field of sleeping positions. All this time you slept wrong! Learn!

61. Scandal!

He saw something too …

62. Observers.

Squirrel, for your own safety, you’d better find another windowsill.

63. Morning preparations.

Now take me to the sink, slave!

64. God of balance.

65. Weak, fell asleep in the store, before reaching home after work!

66. Reading.

A world in which children read with the cats from the shelter may have a chance to survive.

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67. Shipon.

If you look closely, you realize that this is not just a boring photo of the bag – it actually has a cat on it. He’s just a master of disguise.

68. Passenger of the flight “Sex – bed”.

69. The cutest kitten in the world.

70. General.

It’s actually not easy to maintain such arrogance and importance when you have a box of Chinese food on your head.

71. Alexander the Great.

Examines the property.

72. Another faithful friend.

We find the meaning of life not alone, but next to a loved one. Or a cat.

73. Coquette.

74. Brooding guy.

75. Master of hide and seek game.

76. Captain.

If you work hard, one day you can grow to be a captain. Even if it is the captain of a simple box.

77. Batman is the feline version.

78. Penguin.

79. Psychologist.

Do you want to talk about it?

80. Rise! It’s time to evolve and walk on two legs.

81. And this seems to be a rise to heaven. In front of the followers.

82. Cha-cha-cha.

83. Bus driver.

And the controller.

84. Shepherd boy.

85. Family is above all. And even more so family photos.

86. Wow!

Cats are men too, by the way!

87. The tale of a cat on two legs.

88. Secretary. Or maybe the keeper of the archive?

89. Fighter with sweaters.

90. Happy Birthday Dennis!

Dennis doesn’t seem very happy.

91. Lampshade.

Just look at these neat paws!

92. Caring elder brother.

The level of cuddiness is off scale.

93. Best friends on the road.

94. Another general.

When the world is plunged into chaos, a leader will come who will lead us out of the darkness. And you will follow him, even if his helmet looks like a baby diaper …

95. Maniac.

96. Fence taster.

Not everyone knows about this ancient, but long-accepted test: every fence must be tested for strength with a cat’s tongue.

97. I said I didn’t want to go home! I’m depressed, I want to be alone!

98. I should buy a boat …

… suddenly realized Pericles, the prince of Tyr, on a cloudy spring morning over a cup of his favorite coffee and reading the latest news.

99. Birthday with awareness.

But I’m already four! What have I achieved in my life? What else can I achieve?

100. The most sincere and pure love in the world! As long as there are such bright and tender moments in the world, we have a chance!

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