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My studies were the best time of my life”. This sentence comes up more and more among my colleagues. And that’s exactly how I feel. Because despite all the exam phases, long nights and theses – so much free time, fun and variety will never come together again.

But this phase of life also harbors some challenges. Perhaps you are moving to a foreign city, living alone for the first time and are overwhelmed by the high degree of personal responsibility that you suddenly have to deal with.

Don’t worry – you grow with your tasks. And another good news:

There are tons of gadgets and helpers that make everyday life easier for students. Let’s go!

# 1- Detailed semester planner

You can record important dates, to-do lists and of course the timetable in the campus logbook semester planner. The timer is well structured and helps organize your everyday life with tips and tricks.

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Miliko A4 One Semester Study Planner

Price : $9.99 

# 2- To overcome exam fear

Almost everyone of us had a queasy feeling in our stomach and a racing heart before we went into the classroom and had to pass our exams. Personally, I always had a lot of test anxiety when it came to giving presentations before the entire course. In my case, however, this happened about 5 times per semester.

So a solution was needed. I’ve listened to podcasts, meditated, and turned over books. Until I found my “redemption”.

My tip for students who suffer from exam anxiety: Overcome Exam Anxiety, Fear and Self Defeating Habits by von Nicholas Mag. In his book , he explains very clearly how you can maximize your learning success and overcome test anxiety.

A lot has changed for me after the book and I now have a “healthy fear” of exams – that is, I’m a little excited, but I don’t panic anymore. Because a little nervousness is quite normal and should be maintained. I still use many of his tips in my professional life today.

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Overcome Exam Anxiety, Fear and Self Defeating Habits

Price : $4.99

# 3-Sustainable lunch box

Long days at university or worse: weekend seminars! Tired of eating in the cafeteria? Then just pack your favorite dish.

With the storage box from avoid waste, this is not only stylish, but also environmentally friendly. The set of two compartments, fork and spoon is made of wheat, is biodegradable and therefore completely plastic and BPA-free.

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Avoidwaste Sustainable lunch box

Price : $22.99

# 4-Smart alarm clock

This is the right alarm clock for all mornings when you REALLY shouldn’t oversleep, such as on exam day.

If the alarm rings, it will not go off again until you have stood with both feet on the mat for at least five seconds. And then you can actually get up right away …

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Digital alarm clock bed rugs

Price : $94.99

# 5-Expandable folder

With a size of 32.4 by 23.6 by 1.9 centimeters, you have plenty of space in this folder for notes, worksheets or texts.

Thanks to the five different subjects, you can organize your documents according to modules or seminars, for example, so that everything is always at hand and clearly sorted.

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Expandable Portable File Folder

Price : $22.99

# 6-Mini fridge

This device is worth its weight in gold for everyone who lives in a large shared apartment or in a student residence. An own mini-fridge (freezer!) Saves you the way to the kitchen, prevents again wegfuttert someone your yogurt and protects you from the stinky cheese of your roommate. Because of the efficiency class A ++, you don’t have to worry too much about power consumption.

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Single Door Mini Fridge with Freezer A ++

Price : $147.19

# 7-Useful software

Save yourself a lot of time and trouble and get the best software NOW to create your texts, tables and presentations for the university. So you don’t have to worry about free programs – and expired test licenses – and can work with Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote . Conveniently, you don’t need a CD drive with this version , you can download it and just enter the product key .

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Microsoft Office Home and Student 2019

Price : $146.50

# 8-Space-saving clothes horse

Washing clothes is not a great thing and certainly not hanging up the damp clothes afterwards. This model, on the other hand, is simply placed above the bathtub .

On the one hand, you don’t have to dry your clothes in your room this way and particularly wet things can drip into the tub without worrying.

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OUNTLETS Foldable Cloth Drying Rack with Stainless Steel Horse

Price : $62.99

# 9-Pastel colored highlighters

Highlighters in different colors are indispensable to get through the study and above all these texts.

These highlighters in pastel shades are a nice alternative to neon yellow and pink . The set consists of six colors from yellow to orange to light green.

STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL pastel highlighter

Price : $11.99

# 10-Portable projector

Do you want to make a real impression at a meeting for group work (or on a date with your fellow student)? Then you should have this mini projector in your luggage.

So you can not only be the lifeguard in an emergency when the university internal device is not working or busy, but also create a cinema atmosphere in your shared room.

APEMAN mini projector

Price : $199.99 

# 11-Gold eye mask

Studying also means partying. That’s the law. Unfortunately not that you can’t be seen during the next day’s lecture at the club night.

These Eye pads with collagen help against puffy eyes and dark circles. In no time at all, you can conjure up three hours more sleep in your face. A little tip: If you keep the pads in the refrigerator , the decongestant effect is even greater.

Price : $14.99

# 13-Reusable Grocery Bags

Going shopping without a car can be a real pain. Why? Even if the supermarket is only two streets away, the food supply for the coming week can often weigh what feels like a ton.

So that you don’t miss out on anything and still don’t have to drag yourself away, I recommend a shopping trolley with which you can easily pull your purchase. Don’t worry, there are many modern models that no longer look like grandma’s porsche!

Price : $16.99 

# 14-Noise-canceling headphones

Do you know the feeling of sitting in the library, where it is actually very quiet, and yet every cough and whispering totally distracts you? So-called noise canceling headphones help you against this .

They block out all the sounds around you . In this way, you don’t have to turn your music louder to no longer perceive your surroundings and you won’t be torn from your workflow as often. The connection via Bluetooth offers freedom of movement and avoids cable clutter.

Sven has worked out a larger selection of noise canceling headphones for you – even the most stressful examination phase can come.

Price : $43.98 

# 15-Height-adjustable laptop table

Admittedly: I easily wrote 30 percent of my master’s thesis in my bed. And I wish I had this product back then.

The small bamboo table is ideal for doing housework and the like in a cozy place. Thanks to the tiltable surface and adjustable legs, you can adapt the small piece of furniture to your needs and use it, for example, as a height on your desk .

Price : $39.99

# 16- 5 in 1 vacuum cleaner

On the list of things I need in life but I don’t want to spend money on, a vacuum cleaner easily lands in the top ten.

Nonetheless, you won’t want to pick up the crumbs with the dustpan in your first own apartment. Therefore, the device is also a wonderful moving-in present for students. The bag-free and cordless 2-in-1 variant consisting of a handheld and upright vacuum cleaner is particularly practical and space-saving.

Price : $119.99

# 17-Electric coffee warmer

This electric mug warmer will save you several trips to the microwave. Because who doesn’t know it? Half an hour in the tunnel and bang – the coffee is cold.

The solution: A small hotplate that you can conveniently connect directly to a laptop or PC using a USB cable.

Price : $28.99

# 18- Practical weekly planner

With this practical weekly planner you can’t forget anything.

On the DIN A5 pad with 50 sheets you have a column for each day in which you can enter to-dos and appointments. There is also space for further notes. So you can organize yourself better and keep an eye on everything.

Price : $18.49 

# 19-Single Serve Coffee Maker

If the time before university is tight in the morning, it is usually only enough for a cup of coffee . So why start the big machine?

A one-cup coffee machine , on the other hand, is much more efficient . It even fits into your own room in a shared apartment and you don’t have to share it with anyone. Thanks to the stylish design , it also looks cool.

Price : $44.99

# 20-Paperless reading

During your studies you have to read, read, read. Even if you only print out half of all texts, that is still an awful lot of paper. How about the digital version in the form of a tablet.

The affordable Fire HD 8 model from Amazon offers 16 or 32 gigabytes of internal storage, expandable to 400 gigabytes via SD card, and runs for up to 10 hours without charging. Then PDFs to read saves you costs and unnecessary towing.

Price : $89.99

# 21- Leather pencil case

After intermediate school at the latest, colorful cases for pens, rulers and pencils are no longer an issue. You will still need these utensils during your studies.

The whole thing can, however, be packaged in a more adult and simple way , for example with this beautiful pencil case made of real leather in brown.

Price : $19.99

# 22-Laundry Backpack

If you are not one of the lucky owners of your own washing machine, you know the procedure: wear so many clean clothes until the last sock is used up and then take a huge bag of dirty laundry to the laundromat.

So that the walk there is not too cumbersome, I recommend buying a laundry bag that you can easily carry on your back. This example has two sturdy shoulder straps for this purpose and is supplied with two door hangers to which you can attach it.

Price : $13.99

# 23-Good dry shampoo

Missed the first lecture again? But then quickly, so that you are there on time at least for the second! No time to wash your hair?

Dry shampoo is the magic word . I swear by Batiste products. They make a greasy start to disappear in a few seconds and give your mane a fresh scent.

Price : $19.19 (Pack of 4)

# 24-WiFi printer

Even if a lot in the university is now digital, you will have to hand in your term papers and theses in paper form at the latest. Because … yes, why actually?

Probably nobody really knows. But what can help you with this is a printer for your home with a WiFi function . This means that you do not need to laboriously connect the device to your PC using a cable.

Price : $125.00

# 25-Glass kettle

Healthy eating is all well and good, but wait until the first exam phase comes and you have to catch up on the material of the last five months.

Then instant noodles and Co. will be on your menu because you only need a little time and a single kitchen appliance: a kettle. And a model made of glass not only fulfills its purpose, it also looks beautiful.

Price : $19.97

# 26-Funny microwave cleaner

Have you ever peeked into your microwave ? If it looks like an old tomato has burst, you should try this little helper called Angry Mama. You

All you have to do is pour vinegar and a squirt of lemon extract into the figure and put it in the microwave for five to eight minutes. Then you only have to wipe the loosened dirt out of the device with the cloth.

Price : $7.49

# 27-Multiple USB plugs

If you live in a shared apartment, you will certainly often ask yourself where you should charge your many technical devices . Because less living space also means: fewer sockets.

You can also use a single socket to charge your mobile phone, tablet, headphones and smart watch by using a multiple USB plug . You can connect four devices at the same time and conveniently charge them side by side.

Price : $10.99

# 28-Leak-proof drinking bottle

It is important to drink a lot . Especially when you sit in college all day. With this one liter bottle you don’t have to worry about the contents ending up in your backpack. It is also BPA-free and thanks to the anti-gluck opening it quenches your thirst very quickly.

Price : $18.99

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