Beyoncé is criticized for using a derogatory term in song

After the premiere of Beyoncé’s new album, all her followers went crazy with excitement and after six long years without releasing record material, they did not hesitate to listen to each of her songs.

After the euphoria that Beyoncé’s recent album unleashed in her fans, one of her songs seems not to have been liked at all, since it gave rise to controversy and was the target of harsh criticism for using a derogatory word that is commonly used against people with cerebral palsy.

Beyoncé posing in a black suit lying on the floor

The offense was detected and made known by organizations that fight for the rights of people with disabilities, who realized that the issue heatedthe singer uses the term Spaza word that disability advocates say is derived from “spastic,” a symptom that is common in people with neurological conditions, including cerebral palsy.

Spasticity is a movement disorder that involves muscle stiffness and clumsy movements, a reaction that is common in people with cerebral palsy.

Photograph of the singer Lizzo

However, many people have come out in defense of Beyoncé, assuring that her intention was not to use her in a malicious way, since that word has become popular in new generations to refer to a person who has lost control.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that the term Spaz provokes controversy and uproar in the world of music, since six weeks ago, the American singer Lizzo had to apologize on her Twitter, change the lyrics of her song grrrls and re-record the song, this time omitting the offending term.

Photo of Beyoncé in the performance of the Oscars 2022

After the release of her seventh album, Beyoncé shared on her Instagram account that this new album allowed her to escape for a moment from the fear that consumed the world, referring to the fact that she worked on it during the covid-19 pandemic. In addition, she assured that with her new record material, she seeks to create a safe place without judgment.

A place to free yourself from perfectionism and overthinking. A place to scream, release, feel freedom.

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