Big-hearted businessman builds house for a family

There are really admirable people, who spend their day to day doing good deeds that contribute to living in a more humane world, because, regardless of the circumstances in which they find themselves, they are always willing to offer their help to those who need it most.

Such is the case of businessman Collen Mashawana, a philanthropist of African origin, who, through the foundation that bears his name, has made possible the dreams of those people selected to be beneficiaries with one of his many altruistic projects.

Colleen Mashawana

Among the many favored by Mashawana is the Mgomeni family, originally from Winterveld, Pretoria, in South Africa, a city where some of its inhabitants live in truly precarious situations.

In the case of the Mgomeni, a family made up of a single mother of nine children and seven grandchildren, who survive on a subsidy that barely allows them to eat daily, since, unfortunately, they have no income due to lack of employment.

South African Mgomeni family

However, his life changed one day, when, at the invitation of MMC Peggy de Bruin, Mr. Collen visited his community. Knowing the sad story of the Mgomeni, the philanthropist was clear that he had to do something for these unfortunate people.

The Collen Mashawana Foundation took the time to visit the family for the first time, following an invitation from MMC Peggy de Bruin, a few weeks ago. The family has been living in a dilapidated mud house, in the most inhumane conditions.

colleen mashawana foundation

Witnessing the dire circumstances this family was facing, we immediately moved them to a temporary secure structure. In addition, we promised to build them a home that can lift their spirits.

As if that were not enough, another patronage, the Mampeule Foundation, partnered with Colleen Mashawana to carry out the construction of the new home for the Mgomeni. United, they will not only be able to give them a space where they can live with dignity, but also a place that will give them hope that they can get ahead.

Colleen Mashawana Foundation

Construction has begun and a new house will be delivered to them in the coming weeks. We hope to restore human dignity, which is a basic right for all.

We can imagine the joy of this matriarch now that she will be able to move her family to a more comfortable and safe place, in the hope that it will be a chance to start anew.

Collen Mashawana Foundation

Hopefully her story inspires us to try to help others, because even if we don’t have the great fortunes of millionaire philanthropists, we can always offer something of what we have to those who live in the most vulnerable conditions.

In addition, it is proven that everything you give, sooner or later, will be rewarded, so do not hesitate, do your bit and let’s make our world a better place to live.

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