Billie Eilish has the most relaxing songs to sleep

A study conducted by the company Mornings (specializing in sleep products) found that music can control blood pressure, heart health, and regulate various stress-related hormones. In addition, it was discovered that there are songs that can be so relaxing that it is better to avoid them when driving or being in the office, but which are excellent for falling asleep.

To find the right melodies, the researchers looked at 10 types of music genres, plus time signatures, scales, vocals, and even lyrics, and incredibly, songs by artists like Billie Eilish, Harry Styles, Post Malone, Elton John, and Led Zeppelin came through. to the list.

Here we share the five best pop songs, hip hoprock and country that are on the list. The best of all is that you can build your play list to welcome Morpheus and rest like a baby.

pop songs

1. I love you by billie eilish

two. When the Party’s Over by billie eilish

3. memories by Maroon 5

Four. Favorite Crime by Olivia Rodrigo

5. The remedy for a broken heart by XXXTentacion

rock songs

1. your song by Elton John

two. Going to California by Led Zeppelin

3. Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters by Elton John

Four. Golden Slumbers by The Beatles

5. Wish You Were Here pink floyd

songs hip hop

1. sunflower Post Malone

two. Same Love by Macklemore

3. Psycho Post Malone

Four. Party Girl by StaySolidRocky

5. swang by Rae Sremmurd

songs country

1. girl crush of Little Big Town

two. burningg House by CAM

3. Better Together by Luke Combs

Four. mercy by Brett Young

5. Blue Ain’t Your Color by Keith Urban

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