Blind boy asks Panini for an album for blind people

There is no doubt that the Panini World Cup album manages to arouse the interest of people of all ages, generating a furore among fans and collectors. Unfortunately, the traditional model is not inclusive of the visually impaired.

This is the case of Pedro Maron Baretto, an 11-year-old boy from Brazil, who went viral after sharing the procedure to modify his Panini album from the Qatar 2022 World Cup to adapt it to the system braille.

Pedro Marón Barreto

According to local media, for Pedro, who is blind from birth, like many of the children in his country, his great wish was to have the World Cup album so he could play with his friends.

To achieve this, the ingenious boy had the great idea of ​​adapting the World Cup album to the tactile reading and writing system. In addition, as Pedro details in his personal Instagram account, his initiative also has the objective that other fans in the same condition can fill it.

Album Panini Qatar 2022

As mentioned by the minor’s father, Marcos Barretto, since previous editions of the World Cup, the boy had the desire to collect the prints, but it was not until Qatar that he decided to buy the famous notebook of prints for his son.

The Qatar World Cup album has pages from one to 20 and he knows that each page has 20 stickers, it is easier for him to locate them.

– Marcos Barretto, in an interview for Canal C

Pedro Marón Baretto

In addition, Marcos stated that his son asked the Italian publisher for a more inclusive product for the next World Cups. In fact, through the description of the video broadcast on social networks, Pedro asked the creators of the World Cup album to launch inclusive editions for the next Cups, since in the world there are millions of people with visual disabilities who are fans of soccer.

Pedro Marón Barreto

Hey Panini, how about a more inclusive album? In Brazil alone there are more than 6.54 million people who are blind or have low vision.

In the first clip of the video, the guy explained how his Qatar 2022 album works on the system. braille after adapting the pages of the notebook so that the names of the teams, players and the numbering of the stamps appear in their language.

Pedro Marón Barreto

Once finished, Pedro showed his album and began to read the index in braille. He later opened a page at random, corresponding to Mexico, which when touched, corroborates the country and the order of the prints.

I’m going to show you my adapted album that is bound. I’m going to open it here. Here is the index.

So far, Pedro’s video has managed to gather thousands of views and more than 200 comments, including praise for the minor for his incredible work to create his own inclusive album.

In addition, some Internet users took advantage of the publication to tag the Panini publisher, so that Pedro’s inclusion recommendation is taken into consideration for future editions.

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