Blogger makes multiple swaps until she gets a truck

How much could you get without money? Many would think that it is impossible to get things without a single penny; however, Demi Skipper, a blogger from San Francisco, challenged herself to match the feat of Canadian Kyle McDonald, a boy who managed to get a house in 2005 through bartering.

The main rule of this challenge is to use absolutely no money and just use one item to get another. Demi opened an Instagram account to document her experiment. She started by offering a bobby pin and four days later she had already made two changes. The first for some earrings and the second for some crystal glasses.

Little by little the objects that I obtained were increasing in value; he managed to acquire from an Xbox to a computer. People knowing about the challenge have been encouraged to participate.

In the middle of last July, the blogger managed to exchange an iPhone 11 Pro for a Dodge Caravan truck. See how it started:

It started with a fork


A simple little hairpin.

Change #1

demi skipper earrings

Hairpin for earrings. Sale value from 0.01 to 10 dollars.

Change #2

margarita glasses

Earrings for glasses for margaritas. Retail value from $10 to $24.

Change #3

Bissell vacuum cleaner

Vacuum margarita glasses. Retail value from $24 to $60.

Change #4

white snowboard

vacuum cleaner by snowboard. Retail value of 60 to 95 dollars.

Change #5

Demi Skipper Barter Snowboard

snowboarding by Apple TV 4K Retail. Retail value of 95 to 180 dollars.

Change #6

Bose noise canceling headphones

Apple TV 4K by Bose noise blocking headphones. Retail value of 180 to 220 dollars.

Change #7

Xbox One

Bose external noise blocking headphones per Xbox One set. Retail value of $220 to $320.

Change #8

MacBook Pro 2011

Xbox One Bundle for 2011 MacBook Pro. $320-$400 retail value.

Change #9

canon camera kit

MacBook Pro 2011 by Canon photo camera set. Retail value of 400 to 550 dollars.

Change #10

nike blazer

Canon camera set for men’s Off White Nike Blazers #9 sneakers. Retail value of 550 to 750 dollars.

Change #11

Tennis White Nike Hyperdunks

Off White Nike Blazers size #9 men’s shoes by Off White Nike Hyperdunks shoes.

Change #12

Jordan 1 Reverse Shattered Backboards

Off White Nike Hyperdunks Shoes For Jordan 1 Reverse Shattered Backboards Shoes.

Change #13

  iPhone 11 ProMax

Jordan 1 Reverse Shattered Backboards Sneakers for iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Change #14

Demi Skipper with red van

iPhone 11 Pro Max phone by Caravan Dodge 2008. Retail value of $1,095.

Change #15

Boosted Board V3 Plus

2008 Dodge Caravan by Boosted Board V3 Plus Skateboard. Retail value of $1,400.

Change #16

MacBook Pro 2017

Boosted Board V3 Plus for MacBook Pro 2017 15-inch. Retail value of $1,400.

This is not finished yet

Demi Skipper holding macbook pro case

The challenge to get a house continues and every day more people join his Instagram to follow him to his goal; you’ll make it?

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