Boy cries at his graduation when he sees that his family did not go

For some people, the presence of family and loved ones is essential both in difficult situations and in the most important moments in life. However, this is not the case in all cases, since there are families that are the exception and are not so close or simply do not have the habit of trusting and accompanying each other in these types of circumstances.

Like the case of this young Filipino, who sat on the floor after his graduation ceremony and couldn’t help crying when he realized that no member of his family attended to accompany him. Someone took a picture of him, posted it on social media, and it went viral.

image of a boy posing with his newly graduated gown

The protagonist of this sad story is Jeric Rivas, a young student who recently graduated as a criminologist at the top of his class at La Concepción College, in the city of San José del Monte, Philippines, who, thinking that his family would be present in this great achievement in his life, he was wrong and no one went to accompany him.

His case was made known through a couple of images posted on a Facebook account, in which he can be seen posing in his toga in front of the university sign, while in a second photo he is seen sitting on the floor crying when he saw that all his colleagues received congratulations and hugs from their families, except him.

Newly graduated boy sitting on the floor crying because his family left him alone

I felt a mixture of happiness and sadness again. I looked to the right, I looked to the left, and in the back and in the front, all I saw were happy faces smiling. I felt my tears fall, I sat down next to him. I felt envy.

– Jeric wrote on his Facebook account

Through his Facbook account, Jeric said that this is not the first time that his family leaves him alone at such an important moment, since when he graduated from elementary school, he received a medal as a prize for his academic excellence, which he did not want. accept, because no one wanted to accompany him.

image of a boy posing in his graduation photo

At another graduation, he had to turn to the parents of one of his classmates in order to receive his award as an excellent student, but realizing that they had left him alone again, he could not contain the feeling and began to cry.

The emotional story and moving image of Jeric sitting on the floor touched the hearts of thousands of network users, who did not hesitate to leave their comments of support and encouragement so that he would not fall for that situation, since, despite the fact that his family does not accompany him, he has shown that he can achieve what he sets out to do.

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