Boy crosses himself in a XV-year dance and ends up being trampled

The eternal discussion about allowing children at parties once again took place in a certain space on the Internet, where debates are anything but debates, that is, on Twitter. On this occasion, the eighty-thirty-ninth fight between childophobics and people who are at peace with their inner child was held, but again no one won, so we have to wait for the next edition.

The video in question, which made possible one of the most respectful and entertaining dialogues (sarcasm has entered the chat), was initially shared on TikTok. However, the user @danielmxm disabled comments. We can only imagine that she got fed up with receiving messages attacking a minor who did what little people his age do, that is, be children.


Tik tok I delete it.): #fypシ #xvaños

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But one of the team members “they hit me and I came out fine” took the clip to that beautiful place where all sense of brotherhood is lost, Twitter. Here the riot was able to take place calmly after the members of both sides visualized the moment in which a boy crosses during the dance of a quinceañera, thus receiving two blows that not even Canelo would endure.

Once the recording was analyzed, the dispute began. On the side of child phobia, the most common arguments can be found, starting from the fact that surely the child needs a good beating so that he learns to respect. But the opinion that takes the crown to the most despicable judgment is this:

nicky minaj

I drunk can punch any child, so be careful!

While the sector that understands that minors are not at the same cognitive level as an adult disapproved of the violent ideas that some have about childhood, because they seem to forget that we all go through that stage at some point. This is the reasoning that takes the crown and also our respect:

I suck at childophobics, I guess you were born as adults, that when you were children you sat without making any noise. Shame to read the comments of ‘conscious adults’ on this tweet. The child does not yet know self-control. What is your excuse?

After this, surely the family of the quinceañera will choose to have parties without children, because we believe that it is the best option to prevent these accidents from happening and that adults can have fun for a while without their children.

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