Boy goes viral for cutting his hair like Mr. Burns

Times have changed and the way of educating children is no exception, so the new generations of parents are much more flexible and take into account the opinion of their offspring and try to respect their tastes as much as they are themselves.

An example of this is this mother, who showed off the cut that her son, a fan of the animated series The Simpson wanted to be made in honor of Mr. Burns, the famous boss of Homer Simpson.

screenshot of the boy who got the cut from Mr. Burns

The funny moment was made known through the TikTok account @pink_nade, in which Johanna Clark, the boy’s proud mother, is dedicated to creating content and showing off the custom earrings she makes.

It was thus that under the question “Gargamel or maybe Lemony Snicket?”, the funny mother showed her son with the upper part of his head completely shaved, while in the lower part he kept his hair, a characteristic cut of the emblematic character of the series. animated series.

Am I a bad mother for letting my son get a Mr. Burns haircut?

In the recording that lasts 16 seconds, the boy can be seen imitating the inclined position of Mr. Burns, calling his butler, Mr. Smithers, while the mother’s laughter can be heard in the background.

Image of Mr. Burns, character from "The Simpsons"

Although it is not a conventional cut and it is quite rare for a boy to want to wear his hair like this, Johanna assured that 12-year-old Nathaniel is a big fan of The Simpson and that when asking for that lookcould not refuse and simply decided to see him happy and make that cut.

The funny video did not take long to become popular on networks, where so far it has 6.4 million views, more than 610 thousand “likes” and more than 6,000 comments from users congratulating the mother and from people referring to the famous phrases of the character.

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