Boy goes viral for studying while dancing at a party

From childhood we are instilled that school and studies are the most important thing in our lives, so if we want to have some fun, we must first complete the tasks and then enjoy some leisure time and thus be able to do what we want. we like the most.

However, on more than one occasion we have seen cases of people who manage their time in the best way and can have fun without neglecting their obligations. As an example we have this child, who was caught studying while taking the prohibited steps in the middle of the party.

Boy reading a book while dancing at a party

The recording was released through the TikTok account @ivancho27ct, which under SpongeBob’s famous audio “We paint the whole house” as a background, shows people dancing in the living room of a house and then focusing on a child who he dances while looking very amused reading his notes.

In the clip you can see the place set with colored lights and a stage where a group plays live music, so it is quite peculiar to watch the little boy study while dancing around his relatives.

When you have an exam, but you don’t miss the party.

The recording with an ending that no one could have imagined did not take long to go viral, so in a few hours it reached more than five million views and more than 600 thousand likes.

boy goes viral for studying in the middle of a party

As expected, the creative comments of the users did not wait, among which phrases such as: “Party but responsible”, “With the feet in the party and the mind in the exam” and “Physically in the party, but mentally at school”.

So the next time you think you can’t do two things at once, just remember that nothing stopped this kid from studying while having fun dancing at a party.

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