British minister wants sports to ban trans women

Following the decision by the International Swimming Federation (FINA) to restrict the participation of transgender athletes in elite women’s swimming competitions if they have experienced any part of male puberty, the Minister of State for Technology, Culture, Media and UK Sport Nadine Dorries backed FINA’s decision and said she will encourage UK governing bodies to implement the same measures.

During a radio interview with LCB, Dorries was in favor of the new policy and indicated that he is convening a round table where sports chief executives and key performance staff will be encouraged to agree on a clear direction of travel based on evidence from the councils’ report. sports. The meeting is expected to take place in a few weeks.

nadine dorries

I have been of the opinion that FINA arrived at today for a long time, I have discussed this with my own department and established a policy. We are about to have a round table with all the governing bodies of the sport. It is simply unacceptable for transgender women to compete in women’s sports.

Stating that FINA had made “absolutely the right decision”, Dorries added:


It is important that those trans women who want to compete can do so fairly. I’m just saying that fairness must always trump the principle of inclusion. Ensuring that those trans women have their own category to compete in is important.

In addition, he emphasized the fact that although people are free to choose their gender and have the support to do so, biology is inescapable:

You can transition to being a man or you can transition to being a woman and the government will help you and give you all the love and support you need to make it through, but you can’t compete in the sport of a gender you weren’t born with.

FINA’s general congress restricted the participation of transgender women in sport after hearing from a working group that included athletes, scientists and medical experts.

Lia Thomas

The policy, which went into effect June 20, will open eligibility to athletes who are “total androgen insensitive and therefore unable to experience male puberty.” At the moment, there are no restrictions for transgender men.

However, the body has also promised to form a working group in the next six months to establish an “open” category for transgender women in some sporting events.

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