Butterfly tattoo designs that you will want to wear on your skin

Butterfly tattoo designs that you will want to wear on your skin

One of the favorite tattoo designs in women are, without a doubt, butterflies, since they are a drawing that can be perfectly adapted to any part of the body and can be combined with any other design, such as flowers, feathers, moons and stars, practically with anything.

If you want to get a butterfly tattoo and you have seen so many designs that you cannot decide on one, you have come to the right place, because in the following list we leave you 15 incredible ideas tattoos with butterflies that will serve as inspiration for the next design that you will wear on your skin.

1. Subtle and delicate

mini butterfly tattoo on a person's ankle

2. Something discreet

elbow of a girl with a small butterfly tattoo

3. A pair of red butterflies

red butterfly tattoos on girl's arm

4. One in white color

White butterfly tattoo near the wrist of a woman

5. Add some color

blue butterfly tattoo on the shoulder of a woman

6. Add some flowers

tattoo of a woman with butterflies and colored flowers

7. It can be on your back

back of a girl showing a mini butterfly tattoo

8. Or on one of your fingers

hand of a woman showing the butterfly tattoo on one of her fingers

9. The forearm is also a good option

pastel blue butterfly tattoo design on girl's forearm

10. Mix with some feathers and sparkles

butterfly tattoo on the collarbone of a girl

11. Adding a moon is a good option

Tattoo with the design of a moon under two butterflies on the forearm of a person

12. Complete them with flower designs

butterfly tattoo complemented by some pink flowers on the chest of a girl

13. Look great in minimalist style

minimalist butterfly tattoo on a person's forearm

14. Make a design with your favorite person

two arms of some girls with the same butterfly tattoo design in purple

15. Butterflies are great!

tattoo on the stomach of a girl with the design of butterflies with moon and flowers

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Written by Ashly le Roi

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