Carlos Bonavides says that his wish is to die on stage

Since last July 23, the Mexican actor and comedian Carlos Bonavides, best known for his emblematic role as “Huicho Domínguez” in the telenovela the jackpotwas hospitalized in an emergency after presenting stomach problems and severe dehydration due to a bacterium that puts his health at risk, since the actor only has one kidney.

However, it was not until July 27 when Yodi Marcos, the actor’s wife, announced the news and in an exclusive interview for the program Gossipbroadcast on channel 6 and hosted by Fabián Lavalle, spoke about the comedian’s state of health.

Carlos Bonavides characterized by his character Huicho Domínguez

Marcos said that after taking the covid-19 test and coming out negative, Carlos Bonavides was admitted to the hospital, where, when carrying out some studies, they detected a bacterium that is rare, that had caused his stomach discomfort and that it is even the reason having found blood in his stool.

It has a bacterium, the doctor told us… there are two types of bacteria, the doctor wants to rule out that it is not the bacterium that is stronger; he says that this bacterium can go to some part of an organ and that could be very delicate.

– Yodi Marcos

In one part of the interview, the comedian’s wife approached the hospital bed where Bonavides was so that the drivers could see him and talk to him. In the conversation, the beloved interpreter of Huicho Domínguez commented that they will continue to carry out studies to determine what the treatment to follow will be.

Fortunately, they already hydrated me. I already feel better, I already have strength, but I really arrived very badly.

– Carlos Bonavidez

Carlos Bonavides in an interview with Fabián Lavalle

Hoping that the studies carried out on him will turn out favorable, the comedian assured that if an operation is necessary, he is willing to undergo surgery, since he wants to get ahead as always.

Grateful to the National Association of Actors (ANDA) for the financial support they have given him so far, the actor wants to recover to continue with his current projects. Hoping to soon be released from the hospital, he hopes to show up at a Show next weekend with Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo, a show that will benefit the actor’s house.

Taking advantage of the space and bursting into tears, Carlos Bonavides revealed that his greatest wish is to die doing what he loves the most, that is, being on stage.

The only thing I want is to tell the public that I have always had a lot of respect for the public and that I hope I get out of this to move forward. As long as I have the strength, my deepest wish is to die on stage.

Mexican actor Carlos Bonavides

In addition, he commented that he hopes for his speedy recovery, since he is currently rehearsing a play with his colleagues César Bono, Alejandro Suárez, Luis de Alba and Benito Castro, a project that is about to be released.

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