Chris Evans Reveals Marvel Saved Him From Anxiety

Chris Evans said goodbye to Captain America, but his love for Marvel remains and that is why in a recent interview with MTV News for his participation in Lightyearthe 41-year-old actor revealed that being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM) helped him overcome his anxiety disorder.

After playing the role of Captain America for almost ten years, Evans became one of the most famous stars in the world. Although, according to the magazine squire, At first, the actor did not want to participate in the then nascent franchise, precisely because of the anguish generated by the idea of ​​having to deal with everything that fame and notoriety entails, it was his mother, Lisa Capuano, who convinced him to Accept the most important role of your life.

Chris Evans as Captain America

In the course of the new interview, Chris Evans explained that from a certain point of view it was the experience in the Marvel world that helped him face his anxiety disorder:

Like most of our anxiety in life it’s about these fears about what’s going to happen. When you are able to quiet your mind and be present in your body, those fears fade away. After ten years of making these movies and being forced to do things on big stages, you realize that a lot of the fears you had never come true.

Chris Evans

After acknowledging that fear plays a determining role in anxiety, the star of an exceptional gift continuous:

in a strange way, [Marvel] It has been my classroom. You know, this acting landscape requires you to hone some skill in terms of calming your mind. And, in turn, you realize that much of the fear that generates anxiety, you actually create yourself.

Finally, after detailing how he managed to cope with the situations that cause him anxiety, Evans gave us a valuable metaphor that portrays his attitude and ability to handle the condition:

Chris Evans as Captain America

If you take a glass of water, add a handful of salt to it, and take a sip, it will taste horrible, but if you take that same handful of salt, pour it into a lake, and take a sip, you will not taste the salt at all. Salt is your pain, your fear, your sadness. Be the lake, you know what I mean? Depending on how you see the world, if you make your world small, your pain can seem strong and big. But if you recognize that you are timeless, that your thoughts are not you and that you are greater than all of them, the pain vanishes.

Chris Evans’ career began in the late ’90s and slowly took off before taking a different path after his starring role in Not another dumb american movie from 2001.

Chris Evans at the premiere of Lightyear

From his first appearance as Steve Rogers in Captain America the First Avenger, 2011, Evans remains in force as an icon of the MCU. In fact, he reprized the role in six subsequent films. However, his character officially retired after avengers endgame, in 2019. The actor’s last leading role is in Lightyearthe spin off of the franchise toy story.

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