Chris Rock does not accept the apology that Will Smith asked for

After Will Smith used his social networks to apologize to actor and comedian Chris Rock for physically assaulting him at the 2022 Oscars ceremony, when Chris made a joke to Jada Pinkett Smith about her alopecia, in his Showthe comedian compared Will to former executive Suge Knight, showing that he did not accept the apology.

During his presentation in Atlanta, the comedian argued that everyone is trying to be a victim and if everyone says they are, no one will listen to those who really are. Even he, who was beaten by “Suge Smith”, went to work the next day, since he has children.

Chris Rock

His comparison of Will Smith with Suge Knight is related because the latter has the most violent criminal record the music industry has ever seen. The former producer has been in prison since 2015 after the accusation of having run over and killed a man. However, in 1996 he had already been convicted of beating the late singer Tupac Shakur.

Despite making this type of mention in his showsChris has yet to speak publicly or delve further into the assault. In addition, Will stated that she has tried to contact him but has been unsuccessful and added that she apologized for his behavior.

Will apologizes

I can tell all of you that no part of me thinks that was the right way to behave at the time. There isn’t a part of me that thinks that’s the optimal way to handle a feeling of disrespect.

In addition to this, Will explained that in his speech during the ceremony he could not apologize because he felt confused and did not have enough clarity to understand what he had done. However, as we know, his actions had a sad consequence, since the Academy has sanctioned him, prohibiting him from attending the Oscars for the next ten years.

rock brothers

In his apology video he also cited Chris’s mother, family and brother, Tony Rock, as he assured that before the slap, they had a good and close relationship, but he understands that this may be irreparable.

I hate when I disappoint people. It hurts me psychologically and emotionally to know that I didn’t live up to the image and impression that people had of me. I’m trying to be sorry without being ashamed of myself.

Will at the Oscars

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