Clown makes the wrong party and realizes it halfway through the show

In order to keep the guests entertained, today it is very common to see people who are in charge of entertaining and giving a show at parties, so the demand for those who are dedicated to animating events has been increasing.

That is why party entertainers should keep an agenda in which they organize and manage the dates of their next shows, so that what happened to this clown does not happen to them, who in the middle of his Show At a party, while interacting with one of those present, he realized that he was at the wrong party and it went viral on networks.

screenshot of a peruvian clown who made the wrong event and went viral

The funny video was shared on the @almendra.samaniego account on TikTok. In this you can see that a girl was in charge of capturing the exact moment in which the clown Cejitas asks one of the guests a question and realizes that she was in the wrong event.

Asking if it was not a Baby Shower, the clown questioned the attendees if they knew a woman named Marifer Castillo, who apparently was the woman who hired him, to which those present answered no and confirmed that she was not in the right place.

Like when the Clown is mistaken for a party. Watch it until the end.

Apologizing for his confusion, the clown said goodbye to the celebration, which apparently was a baptism and not a Baby Shower as he initially thought. The funny thing about the situation made the video go viral, so in a few hours the recording managed to collect more than two million views and thousands of comments from users joking about the situation.

Peruvian clown goes viral on TikTok because he made the wrong event

Even the clown who was wrong commented on the viral post and through his TikTok account, he shared a couple of videos of the story time of what really happened that day. Cejitas assures that when he arrived at the location and saw an awning with the blue and white decoration of the baptism, he confused it with that of the Baby Shower, which apparently was expecting a child.

In addition, he said that when he realized his mistake, with great sadness, he removed his things and contacted the person who had actually hired him, a party that was right in front of the place where he had appeared by mistake.

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