Cole Sprouse talks about the traumas of being a Disney star

While being famous at a young age can bring enormous rewards, in recent years we have seen how fame has negatively affected the lives of many celebrities who were once considered great child stars.

Of course there are also those who knew how to deal with childhood fame and today they are recognized actors. One of them is Cole Sprouse, who rose to fame starring alongside his twin brother Dylan in the Disney Channel sitcom and is now recognized for his role as Jughead in the drama series Riverdale.

Cole Sprouse

Recently, Sprouse opened up about the psychological consequences of getting involved in the entertainment industry at a young age and growing up in it. It should be remembered that her first acting role came when he was only eight months old, playing Ross’s son in the series Friends.

the star of Riverdale pondered the idea of ​​coming out of childhood fame “unscathed” in an interview with New York Timesin which she openly discussed the “trauma” of being a child star before addressing the stark difference in how young women and men are treated within the entertainment industry.

Cole Sprouse, Brenda Song and Dylan Sprouse

The young women on the channel we were on [Disney Channel] They were heavily sexualized from such a young age that there is absolutely no way my brother and I can compare our experiences to theirs.

The actor said he continues to protect and defend his fellow Disney members to this day. In addition, he continued the narrative of former child stars who went off the rails in their teens and how the root of the problem is never recognized.

Cole Sprouse

When we talk about child stars becoming mentally unbalanced, what we’re not really talking about is how fame is trauma.

Having had the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be a celebrity both as a child and as an adult, Cole believes that the “psychological effects” he and his peers have endured since childhood are the same in older people, but believes that ” it’s easier to hide it when you’re an adult.”

Cole Sprouse and Dylan Sprouse

Despite wanting to permanently retire from acting after his participation in Zack and Cody In 2011, Cole returned to the small screen after finishing college in the beloved teen drama series Riverdale.

But it seems that having a “complicated relationship with celebrity culture”, as he stated in the interview, has not been an impediment for the actor to have taken on numerous projects in recent years, because, in addition to Riverdalewhich premiered in 2017, Cole starred alongside Haley Lu Richardson in the 2019 romantic drama, Two meters from you.

Cole Sprouse

In addition, we can currently see him starring in the HBO film Moonshota romantic comedy with a sci-fi twist, and her next film, under cover, is in pre-production. So clearly Cole is not ready to close the door on acting yet and we are very happy about that.

I started acting when I was so young that I hadn’t really thought, as an adult, if it was really something I enjoyed doing. But when I came back, I reminded myself how much I love the art of acting.

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