College outfits for men The perfect look to go to class!

College is one of the best moments in life, besides acquiring knowledge and academic experiences, it is also the opportunity to try many different styles of clothing.

The truth is that college outfits for men are very varied and with the current fashion boom it is necessary to have a closet with fundamental pieces to be able to stand out among the other college students.

College is one of the most important stages for both men and women, so it is vital to dress stylishly.

Usually the university period is about four to five years of career, this is important because it means that your partner should have an outfit for each season, that is, the college outfits for men should be thought in the seasons of the year, winter, summer, spring and autumn.

Now you have doubts? don’t worry, in this special of college outfits for men we will show you the main tips and options that will make your guy become an incredibly handsome and fashionable man.

Comfort is basic in the selection of looks for college. Although it all depends on the career he is studying.

Basics for college outfits for men

From now on, you should start planning and elaborating everything concerning the college look for your guy so that he does not have difficulty to look good every day in class. Remember that the main thing is to make him look top notch but never leaving aside his personality.

If this is your fiancé’s first time at this academic level, you should help him get key pieces to put together amazing college outfits.

For men, dressing stylishly for college is not always easy -even if it seems so-.

If you want your guy to look proud, his college outfits for men will depend largely on his comfort and style.

The T-shirt

The t-shirt is the favorite piece for men in college, since it is a very versatile garment and also super comfortable. Nowadays, animal or brand prints are all the rage: bears, lions, owls, fish, cars, palm trees or even abstract images.

For the selection of the print, tell your guy to choose the one that goes more in line with his personality. Although this piece may seem simple and unimportant in many occasions, it is necessary that it is always well ironed and well cared for.

Your fiancé should never wear a t-shirt in bad conditions, details like stains in the armpits or rips will make your guy’s college outfit for men look terrible.

T-shirts with logos or prints are a basic in college outfits for men.

Polo shirt

Who doesn’t love polo shirts on guys? This garment is an elementary basic in college outfits for men. There are countless firms that manufacture this piece, so there are also countless designs, colors and textiles of the same.

But obviously polo shirts have been a reference in brands such as Lacoste and Ralph Lauren. The polo shirt appeared in India in the 19th century, directly related to the sport of polo, initially practiced by members of the British army and cultured.

Not everything stayed there, since fashion was invaded by this piece and today it is still a basic in men’s outfits. If your fiancé is a college student, he should have a few in his collection.

As for the colors of the chemise polo, it will depend on the tastes of your boy


Jeans are the most dependable piece of men’s college attire, so your fiancé can select any of them -as long as it’s not too exaggerated in design.

Today many college guys select jeans that are ripped and it really is a trend that is on the rise, if your fiancé has no problem with this trend he can incorporate it.

Although our recommendation will always be to use clothes that look in good condition and not those that go to the extreme. Another trend that is very marked within the college outfits for men, are the high-waisted jeans.

It is a fashion that takes us back to the 80’s when rock and roll was at its peak among young people.

Tell your guy to invest in a pair of original tone jeans, it is one of the most versatile garments he will have for his college outfits.

Chinos Pants

Although jeans are the favorite for college outfits for men, chino pants are also a basic piece that can not miss, as they can give your partner’s style more elegance or distinction.

Wool or even flannel chino pants, will give more class to your guy’s style and of course more options to elaborate college outfits for men.

Pleated pants are very trendy and are a safe bet for college outfits for men.

They are an excellent alternative to achieve good combinations, when selecting a pair of chino pants, you can tell your guy to choose pleated pants. Pants with this feature have more movement than those without pleats.

The chino pants should be tailored for a perfect college outfit for men.


College outfits for men cannot be complete without a cotton shirt. Although t-shirts and polo shirts are the most common, shirts are a classic for any man’s wardrobe.

Cotton, woven and threaded shirts with button fronts are also a staple. The shirt has many uses and goes well with almost all men’s clothing.

If your fiancé wants to add a tie to his men’s college outfit, he will definitely need a shirt.

Shirts must be functional to put together the best college outfits for men.

With the above said, it is not that the shirt is only used when your guy decides to go for a tie for his look, but also this piece will make your man look more stylish in college, he can even use it when he goes to meet up with friends after the study session.

If you want your guy to look distinguished in college, tell him that he can combine his shirt with a pair of chino pants and a sweater, a special outfit for your fiancé.

Stylish shirts will increase the appeal of college outfits for men.


V-neck sweaters will give more formality to the college outfit for men, this piece becomes a basic for this reason, since it undoubtedly elevates the good taste.

The best thing about the sweater is that it is a very versatile and functional garment. The sweater does not necessarily have to be worn with a lower garment.

If your fiancé has an athletic body, he can choose to wear a V-neck or crew neck sweater and we assure you that it will look great on him.

This basic can also perfectly complement a shirt, for more important occasions such as a project presentation or other activity within the university.

The V-neck sweater is the most successful for men’s college outfits

The sweater is a basic in college outfits for men because it also brings elegance and elevates the casual college style. Usually the colors preferred by guys are black, blue and red tones, it really depends on the taste of your fiancé.

But if you should know is that your guy should keep this piece with great care, it tends to get dirty easily and also depending on the quality of the same break among other difficult situations, if not given the necessary attention.

To elevate the good taste of the college outfit for men, you should incorporate a V-neck or round neck sweater.


College is the best place for your partner to wear amazing men’s shoes. Nowadays the trend of white sneakers is sweeping college outfits for men, but there are also many on-trend looks that incorporate classic footwear.

Converse lovers also have their space, they are even part of the personality of an original and interesting man.

Shoes are essential in a man’s life and even more so to incorporate them into college outfits. Make sure your guy has clean shoes that are in optimal conditions.

The adidas or nike are the ones who set the tone in this category of college look, however there are those who bet on shoes with retro style and cool colors.

Whatever the footwear chosen by your guy, make sure that it is included in the college outfit for men in a perfect way.

Tips for putting together the best college outfits for men

The following proposals of college outfits for men are some references of the trends that have positioned themselves around the world. The best thing is that they can be elaborated with the basic pieces that we have mentioned above and incorporate other additional accessories.

Every college look for men is a new opportunity to create chic outfits, so that your look is functional and of course glamorous.

When advising your partner on outfits always make sure to at least think about the time of day and season of the moment.

Recommend your man to put together a versatile college wardrobe, containing items that are compatible with each other.

College outfits for men tend to be varied, recommend your guy to go with his personality.

The body of each person is different and some designs, cuts and even clothing brands will be more favorable for your fiancé.

In general, thin vertical lines will make your guy look slimmer, while thick horizontal lines will make him look wider.

Patterns usually shorten a part of your body, and narrow cuts in shirts and pants accentuate the figure.

So your fiancé should make his college outfits where he looks proportional, that is to say, that everything looks like one body and not the other way around because it would ruin his look completely.

The best college outfits for men combine several shades in the right way, such as gray and olive green.

If your fiancé has wide shoulders and a narrow waist he will be able to wear most of the cuts he likes, whether the garment is a little tight or a little baggy.

Now if he has a slightly wider midsection, he should select upper garments with vertical lines or in one color. Also tell him to get pants with narrow, straight legs to make them look longer and create an even line from your waist.

In college outfits for men, you can use layers to show your good taste and personality.

Another technique that experts recommend is that your guy can add layers to his college outfits to accentuate certain areas. If your guy has small shoulders, he can wear a sweatshirt, jacket or crew neck sweater to give a broader and more defined physical appearance.

Regardless of style, your guy should always select a men’s college outfit that he feels confident in.

If your fiancé wishes to incorporate a polo shirt he should opt for a subdued color, with the idea that it is not too intense or stands out in an inappropriate way.

The chemise is an essential piece among the best college outfits for men.

College or sport shirts are the coolest to show the college spirit, but as long as they are for sporting events or something very casual.

If your guy wants to be super comfortable in a t-shirt but thinks it looks too casual he can add a V-neck sweater to his look for more formality.

The sweater or cardigan is perfect for adding a nice layer on top of the men’s college outfit. Have him button it all the way up over a shirt when it’s time to look more formal at the academy.

For cold days you can’t miss a good sweater in the college outfit for men.

To get an excellent, chic and fun college outfit for men, your guy can incorporate a light colored jean with some holes that will make him stand out immediately.

This trend is very clear this season. If your guy feels comfortable he can try it, you must make it clear to him that they are for informal moments.

Now if he wants to go to college with a more formal style, he can combine a dark jean with a blazer and some classic oxford shoes with a retro style. A college outfit for men totally successful when you want to achieve a distinction from the other guys in the faculty.

Jeans are the favorite pants for guys in college outfits, so your man should select the one that best suits his taste.

Remember that there are several types of jean cuts, one of the most used are the so-called skinny jeans, this type of jean will undoubtedly show a relaxed and youthful style. On the other hand, straight jeans will provide formality to your guy in his college outfit.

Experts consider that a narrow and straight cut will give a more professional image to your man, and we’ll tell you a secret, they are sweeping men’s fashion!

Straight and classic jeans are sweeping in college outfits for men.

To get it right in college outfits for men, you also have to take into account the type of institute and of course the career your guy will be studying. This is extremely important and can even mark the destiny of the total outfit.

A dark jean that fits you well and shows off your legs without attracting too much attention can be the most valuable piece of clothing in your wardrobe.

You have to avoid putting together a boring look, so it is always good to add additional pieces that give you that cool touch such as: sunglasses, watch, a jacket, among others.

Avoid a boring college outfit for men, so your fiancé can incorporate amazing accessories to his look.

Tell your fiancé that he should always look neat in college, with this said you should recommend him that joggers or sweatshirts should be left aside unless his style is athletic.

If he is a lover of sport chic fashion, a pair of joggers with a slim heel will make him stand out, he can swap the worn out hoodie for a crewneck sweater. This will keep you in style but elevate you for college.

College is the time to try different styles, so it’s no problem for your guy to take a risk with his outfits.

Last but not least, the best tip you should give to your partner to succeed with a college outfit for men is his attitude, because this characteristic is more valuable than any other garment, no matter what brand it is.

A man who smiles, is attentive and polite with an overwhelming attitude, simply has the doors open to success.