Cool Instagram Stores to Redecorate Your Room

Decorating our home is a therapeutic activity, because we all deserve a comfortable space where we enjoy spending time and reflects our personality.

If you don’t have time to go shopping, remember that the internet is what it is today and online stores are a great option to buy without leaving home. So get comfortable and visit these 15 Instagram accounts that will help you impregnate your rooms with originality.

1. A Roman bust will give style to your space

home furnishing articles;  roman bust

You will find it here C&C Deco Home.

2. The cushions with the most beautiful patterns

home furnishing articles;  vintage print cushion

If you like them, visit the official page of Nanna Cushions.

3. Cactus that will not thorn you

home furnishing articles;  table cacti

They are beautiful. Find them here Malinche Design.

4. Water lilies that grow on your walls

home furnishing articles;  leaf decoration, lilies for the wall

Hedoné is where you can find them.

5. Mirror, mirror

home furnishing articles;  large round mirror with simple desk and flower pots

With Sandalwood Decoration, your room will look beautiful.

6. Your plants will love their geometric homes

home furnishing articles;  geometric pots for succulents

Only in DONUM.

7. We all need a piece of furniture vintage

home furnishing articles;  white vintage chair with pastel pink seat and back

You can get these beauties at Toara Atelier.

8. A rabbit figure will be your favorite piece

home furnishing articles;  pink geometric rabbit statue on nightstand with flowerpot

Get her in Deco for you.

9. A mirror that will look back at you

home furnishing articles;  eye mirror

Find it in Alvaluz Interior Design.

10. Candles will give harmony to your house

home furnishing articles;  hand candle holder

You can find this model and more at DOIY.

11. What lovely vases!

home furnishing articles;  pastel pink and yellow sea shell vase

Do not miss yours! Visit Sunday Home.

12. An excuse to always get flowers

home furnishing articles;  roman bust vase

Get it at Hygge Living.

13. Let color invade your spaces

home furnishing articles;  green armchair with cushion

Visit DOMU Decoration for this and more.

14. Lamps in tune with your originality

home furnishing articles;  contemporary lamps

Get them at Leader Lamp.

15. Your room needs a touch kawaii

home furnishing articles;  pink alarm clock

Find this and more at Three More.

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