Couple lives on a cruise ship, it’s cheaper and they know the world

The ideal dream of many people is to travel and travel around the world to discover incredible places, new cultures and everything that that entails. However, to his bad luck it turns out to be a rural dream, since work, family and economic debts do not always allow that to happen.

But there is always someone who sets the example and shows that when you really want something, you look for a way to achieve it. Just like this happy couple, who took advantage of their retirement and sold their house to move to live on board a cruise ship and meet the whole world.

Selfie of a couple in front of a boat in the sea

The lucky ones to fulfill their dream are Angelyn Burk and her husband Richard, who after their retirement, made the decision to undertake together this incredible adventure of living on a cruise that takes them to different parts of the world and completely change their lifestyle. .

The happy couple is from the city of Seattle in Washington, United States, and at the beginning of 2021 they began to plan what their retirement would be like. After considering their options, they concluded that it would be the perfect age to live at sea while giving themselves the opportunity to see the world. It was based on these plans that they sold their house and quit their jobs to start the life of their dreams.

Cruise ship about to set sail

We love to travel and were looking for a way for us to be able to travel constantly during our retirement that made financial sense.

–Angelyn Burk

The happy couple have been traveling from cruise to cruise since May 2021, and boy have they made the most of their life at sea, as they were able to tour Europe on the Adriatic Sea on a 50-day cruise. In addition, they also traveled 51 days from Seattle to Sydney.

During this time, the couple assures that they have had to pay accommodation, food, drinks, among other expenses, and that each one spends an average of 43 dollars a day.

selfie of the couple who went to live on board a cruise ship

I believe that this can be achieved, but it requires effort. It is a pleasant trip without the complications of booking hotels, restaurants and transportation, always within our budget.

Despite how easy it seems, they assured that to achieve it they need a lot of administration and know how to plan times very well, because if they do not fit the schedule, they can stay without getting on a cruise.

Photograph of a cruise ship sailing at sea

Angelyn and her husband Richard said that they are so fascinated with their new life that they have no plans to live on land in the near future, so they plan to continue traveling and seeing every part of the world.

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