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Modern girls are not afraid to decorate their bodies in different ways, which can differ by quite bold ideas. One of these solutions is to apply a tattoo on different parts of the body.

Let’s say right away that the decision to get a tattoo, even the smallest one, is a difficult step that must be taken carefully and consciously.

After all, a tattoo, no matter how beautiful or fashionable it may seem at first, can become completely different after a while. Remember that even successful attempts to remove the tattoo from the body can have consequences, such as leaving a scar.

Professional tattoo artists have some advice for those who wish to own a tattoo on their body. First, from the time the idea of getting a tattoo appears to the implementation of this decision, at least a month should pass. During this time, you can carefully weigh the pros and cons of the idea of getting a tattoo.

Secondly, it is worth considering a tattoo option – what would you like to “draw” on your body (inscription, animal, symbol), and also determine the part of the body where you would like to apply this tattoo.

Another tip you should definitely use: don’t get a tattoo from a friend or just because it’s so trendy. The outlook on life may change, but the tattoo is not going anywhere and may cause unpleasant memories.

Now let’s say a few words about what drives pretty girls to get a tattoo. For many women, including men, a tattoo is an opportunity to express yourself and draw additional attention to your person.

An important factor in getting a tattoo can be the presence of imperfections and blemishes on the body in the form of birthmarks or scars, which can be effectively hidden or disguised with a pretty tattoo to see. In addition, a tattoo can become a talisman if you choose a special type of image and pattern on the body, in which you put an individual meaning.

What is fashionable and relevant to draw on the body in the form of a tattoo? Tattoo trends for girls for the season 2021-2022 will be different – from the representation of flowers to elegant geometry, from animal drawings to lettering.

Beautiful and bright tattoos for girls are presented in a watercolor style, mysterious and mystical – in the form of mehendi. Fashionable tattoos in the sense of minimalism and origami will be cute.

You can perform the most creative tattoos 2021-2022 on any part of the body, from ears and neck to ankles and toes. We offer you cool tattoo ideas for ladies in different styles, which will be the most popular and trendy for the period 2021-2022.

Fashionable mehendi style tattoos

Beautiful and exciting mehendi style ornaments can be a great idea for a female hip or arm tattoo. The style of mehendi images has a special meaning, being a kind of amulet against negativity. The most popular among the tattoos of this solution is the Dreamcatcher, as well as sophisticated floral ornaments that will not leave anyone indifferent to these exquisite tattoos on the body of women.

Fashionable flower tattoos

Luxurious floral ornaments will best decorate the body of romantic girls who want to “bloom” in the literal sense of the word. The trend will be beautiful flower tattoos for girls in the form of pencil painting and creative multi-colored flower tattoos. Large floral designs can be done on the thigh and lower back, and small flower tattoos will look great behind the ear, on the ankle and on the fingers.

Trendy animal tattoos

Animalism is another tattoo trend, which is increasingly found in different styles and designs for the fairer sex. You will meet colorful images of animals in the form of a tattoo on the body of girls in the style of minimalism, watercolor, origami. Animal tattoo trends will be designs of tigers, cats, dolphins, hummingbirds, snakes, as well as brightly patterned chanterelles.

Trendy geometric tattoo

The style of geometry also effectively fits into the modern tattoo trends for young women. But it is best to make graphic tattoos for women in tandem with other styles, such as floristry or in tandem with origami. Such tattoos will be original and elegant in any case. Fashionable graphic tattoos in the form of geometric shapes will look terse.

Fashionable mini tattoos for girls

Special attention should be paid to creative solutions with micro tattoos, which can be performed on any part of the body and at the same time can be easily hidden if necessary. Despite its small size, the mini tattoo is very beautiful and impressive, whether on the neck, behind the ear, on the fingers or on the wrist.

Fashionable tattoos on the leg

Fashionable tattoos in many of their variants can be performed on the leg – from the thigh to the feet, which will be very elegant. Tattoo artists present cool ideas for flowers and animal paws, both in color and monochrome. A tattoo on a thigh with large flowers or ornaments in the mehendi style will look incredible.

Fashionable tattoos on the lower back

Want to become the owner of a beautiful tattoo in one of the styles – choose a tattoo on the lower back, which will provide you with the effectiveness and attractiveness of the tattoo in any decision. Such a tattoo will not be visible all the time, so you can choose a design with some important meaning exclusively for you. Tattoos on the lower back in the form of flowers and animals, supplemented with inscriptions and abstractions, will be beautiful.

Fashionable neck tattoos

One of the boldest tattoo ideas will be a tattoo on the neck, which will be so easy to hide, especially if the design is made in front. Girls with long hair can skillfully “hide” the tattoo on the neck behind the locks. The variety of tattoos for ladies on the neck is huge, but it is very painful to make a tattoo on this part of the body.

Fashionable tattoo lettering

Inscriptions and words are a super stylish type of tattoo for girls, so we are used to seeing beautiful ladies on different parts of the body. The most common will be tattoos with inscriptions on the collarbones or in the collarbone area, on the ankle and feet, fingers and wrist, back and neck. These fashionable tattoos can hide a special meaning for their owner and can also be complemented with animal designs, flowers or graphics.

Fashionable watercolor tattoo

The most colorful and, perhaps, the most spectacular are fashionable watercolor style tattoos made in bright colors. Animals – a fox, a hummingbird, a cat, as well as floral and floral patterns in the style “watercolor” will be cute as fashionable tattoo ideas for young girls. Such “watercolor” tattoos look like beautiful paintings, delighting their uniqueness at first sight.

Cool tattoo ideas 2021-2022 for women – look at the photo for the latest trends and tendencies in fashionable tattoos

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