Criticism rains down on Grupo Firme for lip-syncing

We got a magician! Some of the Internet users criticized the Grupo Firme drummer when he saw him pretend to play the drums without drumsticks in the recent presentation they had at the Premios Juventud 2022 in Puerto Rico.

The regional music group was nominated for Best Regional Mexican Collaboration, Favorite Group or Duo of the Year, Best Regional Mexican Fusion and Best Regional Mexican Song. However, online, this was overshadowed by his live performance.

firm group awards

In their musical presentation at the event broadcast live, all the members could be seen interpreting and “playing” a medley of their best songs, such as the toxic, in your bitch life Y get over me. while the fans They sang the lyrics of these melodies and they gave it their all on stage, the production cameras did their job so that the spectators also felt present in this great event.

firm group

Everything was going well until the camera passed in the exact place where the drummer was and, for a few seconds, it could be seen that he pretended to play it but he did not have drumsticks in his hands.


Firm Group in Premios Juventud 2022: El Toxico, In Your Dog Life, Get Over Me 🇲🇽🔥

♬ original sound – Firm With The Firm

This short episode unleashed the opinions of his followers and retractors, since the group has presumed that they always play live in each and every one of their presentations. However, this time they were revealed.

Despite the barrage of criticism and comments to the contrary, more fans have joined the defense of the group, arguing that in events of this type they make playback to avoid any error or failure at the time of the presentation. Others affirm that the bad thing is not the playback itself, but the fact that the musician did the mime even when he didn’t even have his drumsticks.

Group celebrating victory

The group has not reacted to the opinions. However, we suppose that this detail does not matter compared to the great triumph they celebrate having won four Premios Juventud.

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