Delivery girl keeps food because client did not tip her

While working as a delivery person for one of the many food delivery platforms has some benefits, such as independence and flexibility in working conditions, for many, the main drawback is the relatively low salary, which makes tips difficult. are of vital importance to them. An overwhelming aspect, depending on the level of complexity of each delivery.

A clear example of this is the story of a delivery woman from the American company DoorDash who kept a customer’s food for the simple fact of not giving him a “good tip”.

DoorDash Delivery Girl

The particular event was recorded by the security camera of the doorbell of the owner of the house, where the driver, visibly upset, asks to speak with him before delivering his order.

Delivery Girl: I think you haven’t realized where I came from, so I need to talk to you.

Client: Where did what come from?

DoorDash Delivery Girl

Delivery girl: Where did the food you ordered come from, I think you don’t understand the distance where it comes from, otherwise you wouldn’t have given me what you tipped me. So you should come and discuss it face-to-face, because I drove 40 minutes, the restaurant was extremely far, and I arrived early.

Client: I don’t understand, where did what come from?

Delivery Girl: From the restaurant you ordered the food from. Do you know how far it is? Do you understand that your order is from Carmack and you live in Smithtown?

DoorDash Delivery Girl

As she explained, the customer’s home is in Smithtown, Long Island, and the restaurant she ordered from is in Commack. According to the delivery girl, it took her 40 minutes to get the food. However, the client contradicts her and tells her that the travel time is less:

Client: That’s a fifteen to twenty minute drive.

Delivery Girl: It’s not. You should drive that route, I did it and it’s forty minutes, it’s twelve and a half miles away (20 kilometers).

DoorDash Delivery Girl

The man did not remain silent and reproached the woman for taking the order if she considered that the place was remote. However, the driver He responded that the app doesn’t let him know how far away he is from the destination before he picks up an order and that he should adjust his tip.

Customer: I think you shouldn’t have taken the delivery knowing it’s so far away.

Delivery Girl: We are not allowed to know the distances. So I think you should adjust your tip.

DoorDash Delivery Girl

Customer: How much is the tip?

Delivery Girl: You put in an eight dollar tip.

The conversation escalated even more when the customer rebuked the delivery girl, asking, “What the hell do you want?” The woman, annoyed, tells him that she would take the food if he refused to adjust the tip and she begins to walk back to her vehicle.

DoorDash Delivery Girl

Delivery Girl: Okay! I’m going to take the food. I’m going to take the food.

Client: Okay. Are you kidding? It’s eight dollars, that’s a lot. Did it take you forty minutes to pick up the food?

The video shared on YouTube has been viewed more than a million times. The comments of Internet users are, for the most part, critical of the woman, as they consider that she acted inappropriately and that eight dollars of tip was more than enough. However, there were those who defended her behavior.


– Drivers always know the mileage, payment, order and delivery address before accepting the order.

– As a DoorDash driver, an eight dollar tip is good money! I can’t believe he took the food.

– That’s why my acceptance rate on DoorDash is one percent. DoorDash does not pay drivers for distance.


A spokesperson for the company described the delivery girl’s behavior as “inappropriate” and assured that the employee had been removed from the platform:

Any behavior that violates the zero tolerance policy is grounds for deactivation. The Dasher involved has been removed from our platform.

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