Demi Lovato announces her retirement in a message on her Instagram

After releasing her eighth album on August 19, 2022, Demi Lovato began her tour Holy Fvck Tourwith which he has delighted all fans that it has in some Latin American countries.

However, the health status of the 30-year-old American singer has worried her fans after the documentary Dancing with the devilpremiered last March 2021 on YouTube, will reveal his life full of excesses of both alcohol and having overdosed.


But that is not the only reason that worries his followers, but he recently alarmed everyone by posting a series of strange messages in his Instagram stories, texts in which, according to what was written, he announced his retirement from music, giving understand that this may be his last tour.

The interpreter of Skyscraper posted the messages before her concert in Chile, in which she claimed to feel sick and so tired that sometimes it is difficult for her to get out of bed, which immediately caused her fans they will begin to wonder about their state of physical and mental health.

Messages in which Demi Lovato announced that she is retiring from music

I can not do this anymore. This next ‘tour’ will be the last. I love and thank you guys.

Minutes after sharing this text about a photograph from the window of her hotel, in which some buildings in the city of Santiago, in Chile, can be seen in the background, the singer did not take more than a few minutes to regret what was published and He immediately deleted the stories.

Photo of Demi Lovato with the microphone singing during a concert

After retracting and deleting the alleged announcement of his retirement from music, he later shared new posts in which he thanked his fans for all the support he has received throughout his career.

I will be able to do it for you. I barely have a voice, I’ll be aiming the mic at the audience a lot tonight. I’ll need help singing, so sing loud for me.

image of Demi Lovato posing on a boat sailing in the sea

The strange publications of the interpreter of Cool for the Summer unleashed questions and doubts in his followers, who soon rumored that perhaps he is tired both physically and mentally by his new tour.

So far, neither Demi Lovato nor anyone close to her environment has commented on the publications that, apparently, have a lot to do with the state of mind of the singer, who has been on the verge of death after her fight. against the addictions and disorders that he has suffered from a very young age. Cheer up Demi!

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