Director fired for his good physique and posing for the camera

The famous meme says well, “sometimes, life is not what we want” and that is precisely what a primary school principal, who was fired just for having an imposing physique for some gentlemen parents, could think.

We talk about the popular teacher tiktok Conrado Salazar, director of a unitary elementary school, in Colima, Mexico. By unitarian we mean that in addition to being the director, Corado also worked as a teacher and manager of the school in which he drew attention for his well-worked physique.

Conrad Salazar

Apparently, the reason for Conrado’s dismissal was due to his activity on social networks, which consists of uploading photos modeling and uploading videos to TikTok in which he dances and poses, something that, according to some dissatisfied, could be the cause of a alleged distraction among mothers. It was for this reason that some school authorities considered that the most convenient thing would be to remove him from his post.

However, the mothers did not take long to support the teacher and began to collect signatures so that his job could be restored. And the truth is, dear readers, if we are in the fight that the physical does not matter, we must be fair with this teacher, do not you think?

primary school principal

Many users have given their opinion in this regard, stating that a teacher with that physique, with his photos, with his videos, etc., is not an example for the students and that it is not appropriate for him to be teaching or living with minors. Oh please! Better say that today they knew envy.

Well, far from having a solid argument, many forget that outside the classroom, Conrado has a personal life, which does not define the quality of his work as a teacher and that is exactly how, through his social networks, the director has manifested, since he assures that not only he was unjustly fired, but also a teacher who shared “incorrect” photographs in her personal account.


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