Dishes that were as terrible and frightening as they were inedible

Cooking is not easy, especially when you do it out of necessity and not for pleasure. It is true, many of us were given the gift of eating or washing dishes, but when it comes to cooking, a cereal or quesadillas never fail.

Although this is not always the case, this time we want to focus on those recipes that, no matter how hard they were tried, did not turn out as their “chefs” imagined them or something happened and what seemed to be a delicious creation ended up being a disaster. Then we leave you the most terrible dishes that were shared by Internet users.

1. “My love, I want some meatballs with rice”

porcupine meatballs

2. “I don’t know whether to eat it or use it as glue”

whipped rice pudding

3. “I made macaroons with condensed milk instead of evaporated milk.”

macaroni with condensed milk

4. “I thought I was making lemonade with a flavoring and it turned out to be salt.”

lemonade made with salt

5. “I used very hot butter for my cookies and they turned out gross, greasy, and horrible.”

biscuits with very hot butter

6. “I confused cardamom with cumin and the mulled wine tasted like vomit”

mulled wine with cumin

7. “I baked cookies with baking soda to clean the fridge.”

baking soda cleaner

8. “In the recipe it said that you had to use three cloves of garlic, I thought it was the whole garlic”


9. “The cookies were so hard that when I used them as frisbeesThey broke a window

hard biscuits

10. “As kids we made lemonade out of yellow paint for our family.”

yellow paint lemonade

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