Does health insurance pay for smoking cessation? Non smoking courses ✔

Does health insurance pay for smoking cessation?

There is no legal entitlement to the payment of non-smoking courses by the health insurance companies. However, almost all health insurance companies pay a subsidy for smoking cessation.

The whole is under the term Health courses or prevention courses summarized. These are intended to support a healthy lifestyle and are divided into the following four areas:

  • sports and exercise
  • stress management and relaxation
  • nutrition
  • substance use

The courses for smoking cessation fall under the last area.

The health insurance companies are generally positive about participation in such courses because healthy people cause fewer medical expenses.

How much does health insurance pay?

The amount of co-payment for prevention courses varies depending on the health insurance company. These are additional services that are not required by law.

The two largest health insurance companies technician and Barmer to count up to 150 euros per year, whereby the technician only pays 80% of the invoice amount. Two courses per year are subsidised. The 150 euros cannot be used for a course either. The maximum reimbursement for technicians and barmers is 75 euros per course (80% for technicians).

You can find information on how much your health insurance company pays for health courses on the homepage of the respective health insurance company.

In this article we have described how you as a member of the health insurance company IKK – The Innovation Fund up to 500 euros cashback for your disability insurance can get. Also offers courses in the field of prevention IKK – The Innovation Fund good performance. be here 2x 130 euros per year, so a total of 260 eurosreimbursed.

It is important that the course must actually be attended in order to receive a subsidy. Usually the limit is 80%. That means you can only miss 2 of 10 units.

Which courses are subsidized?

There are clear legal rules here. A prevention course is only subsidized if it is carried out by the Central Prevention Testing Centre § 20 SGB V is certified.

What is not subsidized?

The costs of alternative treatments such as acupuncture and hypnosis are expressly not subsidised. The reimbursement of smoking cessation drugs is also loud § 34 paragraph 1 SGB V excluded.

How much does a smoking cessation course cost?

Of course, the costs vary from course to course. The larger the scope, the more expensive. Individual courses are also more expensive than group courses. However, there are already courses with 7 units of 90 minutes each for around 150 euros. With a reimbursement of 130 euros by the health insurance company, the Own contribution only 20 euros.

This is a group course with a weekly appointment and aftercare by telephone.

How is all this requested?

If you are not sure which course is right for you, your health insurance company will certainly help you to find the right course.

Alternatively, you can also search online for the right course. Almost every health insurance company offers one on the homepage course database where you can find the right course in your area. The search is divided into the subject areas described above. There is a nationwide range of courses, so you usually don’t have to travel far. The course database is maintained by the Central Testing Center for Prevention operated and differs only visually from health insurance company to health insurance company.

If you have found a course elsewhere that does not appear there, but is certified according to § 20 SGB V, the health insurance companies will probably also subsidize it. However, we would recommend clarifying the whole thing with your health insurance company in advance.

If you have found a course, you can easily register there. The corresponding contact details of the course provider are always stored in the course database. A refund will take place after the course is completed, so you will probably have to pay in advance. For reimbursement, the fully completed confirmation of participation must be submitted to the health insurance company. At IKK – The Innovation Fund, this is very easy to do with just a few clicks on the homepage.

Smoking cessation in private health insurance

Finally, we want to clarify how the issue of smoking cessation in the private health insurance is handled.

Like the health insurance companies, private health insurance companies are also interested in ensuring that the insured stay healthy. Accordingly, the costs for courses and therapies are also covered by private health insurance.

In addition, private health insurers are more open to alternative forms of treatment such as acupuncture and hypnosis if the doctor certifies a medical necessity.

If you are privately insured, you should always clarify with the insurance company in advance what and how much is reimbursed in your tariff.

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