Does luggage insurance make sense?

When does luggage insurance pay?

One Baggage Insurance can mostly only in connection with others travel insurance be completed.

Will be paid if the luggage during the trip lost, damaged or destroyed will, but also if it late at the resort arrives Insurance cover exists for Round tripas well as for the stay at the resort.

the insured risks include theft, damage in traffic accidents, damage in custody and damage caused by natural hazards such as fire or flooding.

Most insurers include the maximum insured baggage value 2,000 to 3,000 euros. However, this applies to many things lower sums insured. At the market leader Allianz Travel (complete protection), the benefits for baggage are as follows:

  • Sum insured: €3,000
  • Video, film and photo equipment: max. €1,000
  • Mobile phones, smartphones: max. €500
  • Computer equipment (tablets, laptops): max. €500
  • Jewellery: €1,000 max
  • Gifts and travel souvenirs: max. €250
  • Sports equipment: max. €3,000 (no motorized vehicles and sports weapons)
  • Glasses/contact lenses: max. €250
  • Money, ID documents, tickets and visas: ID documents only

The benefits also vary from insurer to insurer for luggage delays. Allianz Travel pays here max. 150 euros for replacement purchases if the baggage does not arrive on the same day. In addition to the amount, there are also differences in the performance requirements (same day, 24 hours later, etc.). Important: You only ever pay for what you do actually spend (up to the maximum sum insured). If your luggage is delayed, you don’t get a flat rate of 150 euros, for example, you actually have to buy something. In some cases, the reimbursement is deducted from the insurance reimbursement by the airline.

Current value not new value

As a rule, in the case of luggage insurance, in the event of damage current value and not the new value reimbursed. The replacement value is the amount needed to buy new things of the same type and quality in your place of residence. Current value, on the other hand, means that from this amount there are still signs of use, wear and tear and age of the insured items is deducted. For example: You bought a camera for 1,000 euros 5 years ago. At the time of the loss, this camera was only worth 500 euros. The luggage insurance reimburses the Current value of 500 euros.

Traveling persons and annual or one-off protection

As with any travel insurance, you can also choose between: Single, couple or family rate and Annual or one-time protection Select.

How much does baggage insurance cost?

Since luggage insurance cannot usually be taken out on your own, it is difficult to determine the exact costs. During our research, we only found one provider that offers luggage insurance separately. The Barmenia Travel+ tariff costs annual protection as a single 54.96 euros. Since other providers already offer a combination with travel health insurance for less money and travel cancellation and travel interruption insurance are only included for a little more money, the almost 55 euros seem relatively expensive in our opinion.

Legal claim for lost luggage


The first point of contact in the event of loss, damage, destruction or delay of your baggage is the airline. If your baggage is lost, damaged or destroyed, you are legally entitled to compensation of up to 1,385 euros per passenger.

If your luggage is delayed at your holiday destination, you can get a replacement equipment obtain. However, this varies depending on the airline and is really limited to the essentials. If the luggage arrives late on the return journey to Germany, however, there is no money for replacement equipment.

tour operator

If you plan your trip as Package tour through a tour operator booked, you can claim damages from the tour operator regardless of the reimbursement from the airline. Depending on the situation, one travel price reduction up to 50% of the travel costs possible.

Home insurance protection

Even without luggage insurance, your belongings are safe during your stay at your holiday destination (worldwide). external insurance yours Household insurance secured. Insurance cover exists for the normal insured perils of household contents insurance (among others, fire, mains water, burglary). The most relevant insured case for external insurance on vacation is probably this Theft of luggage from locked hotel room.

The performance in external insurance is usually on 10% of the sum insured and a stay outside the insured place of 3 months limited (exceptions for valuables are possible).

Does luggage insurance make sense?

In case of problems with the luggage there is variety of legal benefits. The statutory benefit is often sufficient. In addition, almost everyone has household contents insurance, which pays for some benefits at the holiday destination.

Accordingly, a separate luggage insurance is in our opinion not useful. Not even with the current situation at many airports. Another note: Expensive items should be transported in hand luggage rather than in checked luggage anyway.

If luggage insurance is in your Total Travel Protection be included, however, that is a nice addon. Because travel insurance, especially foreign travel health insurance and, in the case of expensive trips, travel cancellation and travel interruption insurance basically useful.

Equal, or even better in our opinion, is the protection provided by one of the best credit cards in Germany – the American Express Platinum. In advance. The Amex Platinum costs 660 euros a year and should therefore not be taken out just because of the insurance. In addition to travel and travel credit, access to airport lounges and Membership Rewards points, the Amex Platinum offers really good insurance benefits. The following services are available for luggage:

Amex Platinum Baggage Benefits

Luggage insurance (luggage, money & travel documents) (with card use)

  • Max. per trip €3,000
  • Max. per item/pair €750
  • Max. for money & travel documents €750
  • Max. for money & travel documents for children under 16 years €75
  • Deductible per insured event 10% of the reimbursable damage, but at least €100 per insured person

Travel comfort insurance (with card use)

  • Missed departure, delay, cancellation, overbooking, missed connection, missed connecting flight – each with no alternative in 4 hours €200
  • Baggage delay after 4 hours €400
    • after 48 hours additionally €400
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