Don Gustavo died, better known as “The Lord of the combi”

This July 28, the rumor spread of the death of Mr. Gustavo, who became very popular due to a video, where he appeared arguing with a lady on board a combi.

Confirmation of his death was made by his granddaughter, Tiktok user @Resendiz1702, in one of his clips. Although the causes are unknown, the short video has given something to talk about on social networks, since some of the users have remembered Don Gustavo, better known as “The Lord of the combi”.


I know he is resting in peace but his departure still hurts 🤍… fly high grandpa.

♬ Im getting ripped to night rip that this is home – cake/noah

“The Lord of the combi” went viral because a third party recorded the moment in which he and a passenger began to argue after she accused him of her legs rubbing against her body. Because of this, a scene was triggered where they were defending each other, saying things that had nothing to do with the initial conflict.

don Gustavo the lord of the combi

Years later, a woman ran into him and asked him about that incident and Don Gustavo mentioned that the video did not show the context of the situation, since the lady behaved in a derogatory manner with other people who were in the vehicle, saying that this was an exclusive area, that they should not touch her and that for that reason she did not live in Neza, since she lived in Polanco, Mexico.

Gustavo at home

His popularity in 2014 made him win the affection of some Internet users who remember him fondly and lamented his death as soon as they found out, making comments such as “May he rest in peace, Don Gustavo, the gentleman of the combi.”

Still others thanked him for the smiles he brought to netizens when they saw his video for the first time, even if he got them unintentionally.

lord of the combi dies

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