Eddie Munson could return to ‘Stranger Things’ as a vampire

One of the most beloved characters of the fourth season of stranger things it was Eddie Munson, played by Joseph Quinn, who began his debut as a possible bullies. But more layers were quickly discovered in her character, since after witnessing the death of her friend Chrissy, a crime that she attributed to her, she was able to clear her name by remaining as a hero.

Despite his death, fans are hoping to see him return, as they’ve discovered several hints that Eddie could become a vampire. For example, in the photo with which the production announced the fifth season, a fang is casually seen in the upper part of the five. Also, the leader of the Hell Fire Club has several bats tattooed on his arm.

Eddie Munson Has Bat Tattoos… ‘Stranger Things’ Writers they are incredible.

The idea is not so far-fetched. As you know, Eddie Munson dies being attacked by demobats and if you paid attention to the games of Dungeons and Dragons, that take place throughout the fourth season, you will know that in this world there is a character known as Kas The Bloody Handed, who is nothing more and nothing less than a vampire and the right hand of Vecna.

Eddie Munson could return to the fifth season of Stranger Things as a vampire

In case you’re still not convinced, brothers Matt and Ross Duffer and Shawn Levy, co-creator of the hit Netflix series, have talked about bringing the beloved character back. During their arrival at the 74th Emmy Awards, they were asked about the next season of stranger things and this is what Levy commented:

A lot of people can’t stand the thought of a fifth season without some excuse for Eddie to show up. Very improbable. But we hear you, world. We know. They are obsessed with Eddie. We also.

The truth is that no one was prepared for the absolute devotion that the character caused in the fans, because he became a symbol of the misunderstood and if you kill a character as iconic as this, you face the discontent of thousands.

If the theories come true, it may not be the last guitar solo we’ll see from Joseph Quinn, who has made it clear that given the chance, he would work with the Duffer brothers again without hesitation. 2F2022%2F9%2F14%2Fshawn-levy-co-creator-of-stranger-things-talked-about-the-possible-return-of-eddie-19628.html

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