Eugenio Derbez was involved in the death of Paco Stanley

On June 7, 1999, just when Mexico celebrates Freedom of Expression Day, the world of entertainment experienced one of the most emblematic tragedies that has marked Mexican television, since the actor and television host Francisco Jorge Stanley Albaitero, better known as Paco Stanley, was shot to death outside a restaurant in CDMX.

During the first investigations, this murder involved the drivers Mario Bezares and Paola Durante as main suspects and took them to jail. After 23 years of the unfortunate death of Paco Stanley, we remember when in an interview, Eugenio Derbez told the reason why he was involved and also had to be questioned about this fact.

photo of driver Paco Stanley

During an interview for windowingOn the occasion of the 26th anniversary of the show program, the comedian and Pati Chapoy recalled the rivalry they had a few years ago. Between jokes they commented when Eugenio Derbez and the owner of the program had a spectacular war.

Both classify this publicity battle as healthy, since it consisted of the actor putting up posters announcing his program derbez in timewhich was broadcast on Televisa, outside the facilities of TV Azteca along with the spectacular of the soap opera the jackal starring Christian Bach.

Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez

Eugenio took it as a joke and due to the war of rating that the television stations maintained at that time, the comedian called his sections with names similar to the TV Azteca programs.

This event happened months before the murder of Paco Stanley, so Derbez spoke for the first time and confessed that he was called to testify in the case.

They sent for me as a suspect for being an enemy of Paco Stanley, but (I said) ‘I’m not an enemy of Paco Stanley’. (They answered me) ‘Yes, but there was a billboard war and you attacked him’. And I had to go testify because I was accused of being one (of the suspects).

Without speaking more about the subject of the statement in the case of Paco Stanley, Eugenio confessed that the billboard war was quite fun and healthy, but above all that he was in charge of taking care of every detail so as not to have conflicts with the television station.

Face of actor and comedian Eugenio Derbez

Then he talked about the anecdote of the first time he went to an interview with windowing on TV Azteca and said the special affection he has for all the hosts of the program. Furthermore, he talked about the movie projects that he is currently working on.

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