Experts issue warnings against ELF vape sticks

Experts issue warnings against ELF vape sticks

Dr. Gareth Nye, a professor and researcher at the University of Chester, in the United Kingdom, issued a serious warning about the use of disposable vapers in the presentation of electronic bars, attractive to the public for their low cost and their variety of sweet flavors.

In an interview for mirror, The health expert said vaping is “generally” considered a harmless option compared to tobacco cigarettes. However, they have a “reasonable” potential to cause lung damage and cancer because the liquid inside them may contain nicotine and some other carcinogens and harmful toxins.

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A 2018 study showed that e-cigarette users had concentrations of metals and volatile chemicals (toluene, benzene, and carbon disulfide) comparable to tobacco cigarette smokers. These are the chemicals that cause lasting lung damage.

Nye noted that vaping also triggers long-term effects, such as cardiovascular damage and other metabolic changes, as well as triggering a reaction in the immune system, which in turn damages the lungs:

Consequences of vaping on the lungs

Once we’ve damaged our lung tissue, it’s harder for our body to oxygenate the blood, which means it puts pressure on the heart because they have to work harder.

In addition, the researcher emphasized that the use of vapes is linked to an increase in cases of dental cavities and that it can trigger dental diseases and oral cancers in the same way as smoking regular cigarettes.

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But that’s not all, as Nye released the alarming figures of the increase in the use of vapers throughout the United Kingdom and predicted that in the next 10 years there will be an “entire generation” of people in their 30s experiencing lung conditions:

A recent study has shown that from January 2021 to January 2022, there was a 14-fold increase in the percentage of vapers using disposables, from 1.2 percent to 16.7 percent. The longer you do this, the worse the impact will be. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a whole generation of people in their 30s with lung conditions in the next decade.

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According to the expert, online vaping platform IndeJuice reported a whopping 279 percent increase in disposable vape sales during the last quarter of 2021, with Elf sticks gaining the most popularity across the UK:

The percentage of use of disposable vapers at the age of 18 increased from 0.89 percent to 56.7 percent. More than half of reported 18 year olds are using the Elf bars. There is a worrying notion among young people that vapes and Elf sticks are 100 percent safe, which is simply not true—even the nicotine-free versions are unsafe.

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