External household contents insurance – protection outside the home as well

What is external insurance?

External insurance is included in every household contents insurance policy. So it’s not a building block like that bad debt coverage or incapacitated children in the liability insurance, the inclusion of which you must explicitly pay attention to. Although the external insurance is included in every household contents insurance, the scope differs depending on the tariff. There are services that almost every basic tariff of an insurer includes, but also services that are only included in the top tariffs. We will go into these differences further on.

In the external insurance exists worldwide Insurance cover for household contents, which temporarily outside the place of insurance located. The benefit is usually limited to 3 months and 10% of the sum insured. Other compensation limits may apply to valuables.

The policyholder’s property and persons living with him in the same household as well as additionally insured items that serve their use (e.g. borrowed items) are insured.

Important: Even in external insurance, there is only insurance cover against the normal insured risks of household contents insurance. Simple theft is therefore not insured.

It is also the case that the external insurance for storm and hail damage only pays if the household contents are inside a building.

Basic services vs. top services

As already described, the scope of external insurance differs depending on the tariff.

basic services

Household contents that are temporarily (up to 3 months) outside the home are insured. Compensation is limited to 10% of the sum insured.

Top performance

In contrast to the basic tariff, household contents outside the home are insured for up to 12 months. Compensation is possible up to the normal sum insured.

In addition, there is external insurance for sports equipment, which continuous are outside the home. For example the riding saddle, which is permanently in the riding hall. Here the compensation is limited to 10,000 euros, for example.

Examples of external insurance

For a better understanding, we would like to give 3 more examples from practice.

  • Theft from the car: If mobile objects (e.g. handbag) are stolen from the locked car, there is insurance cover via the external insurance. However, if the handbag was visible in the car, this is gross negligence. Insurance cover only exists if gross negligence is explicitly included in the insurance. By the way: The theft of permanently installed parts, such as the navigation system, is over the partially comprehensive covered by car insurance.
  • Theft from the hotel room on vacation: If, for example, the laptop is stolen from the locked hotel room while on vacation, the contents insurance pays out as part of the external insurance.
  • Robbery under threat of violence: In contrast to simple theft, there is insurance cover via external insurance if insured items are stolen from you under threat of violence with danger to life and limb. Important: The crime must be committed on the spot. If you have to fetch things first (e.g. from the apartment), there is no insurance cover.

Tip from the professional for external insurance

Finally, a helpful tip that many of you probably don’t know yet.

The external insurance of your household contents insurance also provides insurance cover for the children if they are doing community service, military service or an apprenticeship, as long as they have not yet started their own household. This can be the case, for example, if your child lives in a shared flat. However, it is best to clarify this with the insurance company in advance in each individual case.

It is also important to know that there is no time limit here, since the training period as in the interim is applicable.

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