Beautiful and stylish blouses are a closet staple when it comes to business style for the office, as well as for women and girls who combine their favorite basic closet items to create a perfect and unique personal style.

Fancy blouses can help you create beautiful bows with your favorite items easily and without too much hassle. You can beautifully play around with the same blouse in different variations, and it will look original and new.

Fashionable blouses look great in a stylish and feminine images in different styles, so it will not hurt to look for a few options for your favorite blouse for different occasions.

These can be both stylish office shirts and smart evening blouses, as well as concise and fashionable blouses for everyday images, which will allow you to create the best bows with fashionable blouses 2021-2022.

In the fashionable season of this year there are fashionable blouses with ruffles and flounces in a romantic style, asymmetric blouses, openwork blouses, beautiful blouses with prints and strict business shirts.

The peculiarity of fashionable blouses are the finest fabrics, which give them lightness and elegance, and the image as a whole turns out refined and airy, which looks feminine and beautiful.

The color scheme of fashionable blouses of the season is mainly in light colors – gently pink, peach, butter, beige, white, but also presented and fashionable blouses of bright colors, as well as saturated shades.

You can read in detail about all the novelties of the season 2021-2022 on fashionable blouses in this review by viewing the photo selection below.

Popular trend for 2021-2022: trendy blouses with a bow

Fashionable blouses with a bow is a romantic and incredibly feminine blouse style that looks superb and will best complement your romantic bow.

Trendy blouses with a bow in 2021-2022 are mainly presented in a gentle color scheme, which will appeal to cute and sophisticated girls.

Exquisite openwork blouses 2021-2022: the best models

Lace blouses 2021-2022 are a particularly delicate blouse option, which is more popular this season than ever. Exquisite lace blouses are demonstrated both with short sleeves and with long or medium sleeves.

Also, fashionable lace blouses may be not only in a romantic and dressy style, but also in a strict business style, where blouses are harmoniously supplemented with openwork inserts. Exquisite blouses with lace decor look elegant and casual, perfectly refreshing the image and making it more sophisticated.

Fashionable blouses 2021-2022 with ruffles, flounces and original sleeves

Beautiful and dressy blouses of the season 2021-2022 are represented by styles with a variety of flounces, ruffles, ruffles and unusual sleeves, which make the silhouette unusual and original.

Interesting ruffles, flounces and ruffles can decorate the blouses on the sleeves, in the form of a basque, on top of the blouse, as well as underneath on the edges. Such decor gives a special chic and makes the image luxurious and elegant.

Interesting blouses with prints and floral designs 2021-2022

Original prints and drawings can beneficially transform any external image, giving freshness, lightness and a certain zest. For warm and sunny weather, a bright floral print is the best addition to any look.

This season also presents options for blouses with geometric and ethnic prints in a calmer color scheme – a combination of beige, cream, buttery and white shades. To create a playful and flirty image cute girls can look for themselves interesting and fashionable blouses with butterflies.

The best blouses 2021-2022: photos, novelties, fashion trends and images with blouses

We offer you a photo selection – the best blouses 2021-2022: novelties, models, fashion images and trends blouses for women and girls.

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