With the advent of the cold season, without exception, all the fairer sex are thinking about refilling their closets with new outerwear. Among the most relevant and trendy options for outerwear undoubted favorite would be women’s overcoats that will be a “masthead” basic closet for the cold season.

Trends for coats in the autumn-winter season 2021-2022 offer fashionable models in different stylistic directions, which makes it easy to pick up a coat for the office or shopping, walking or for an important event.

What styles of winter coats 2021-2022 should pay attention to in the first place, considering the main trends of the new fall-winter season? How and what to wear a fashionable winter coat? About all this and more we suggest to learn further in our today’s material.

Trendy winter coats for winter 2021-2022: current models and

trendy colors

Before choosing a fashionable coat, it is important to determine the style that best suits you, and will perfectly complement your look.

Coat styles for winter 2021-2022 that will be on-trend for the season:

  • Oversize coats.
  • The maxi coat
  • Teddy Bear Coat
  • Cocoon coat
  • Checkered coat
  • Double-breasted
  • Cape coat
  • Coat with fringes
  • With fur trim
  • Fur coat without a collar.

It is also very important to choose coats according to the place you are going to. For example, for walking and shopping suit winter coats oversize, with unusual prints in the form of inscriptions or with a hood. While for an evening out it is better to give preference to a fashionable maxi coat, and the office is better to choose a classic model of winter coats.

Novel winter coats are presented with or without a belt, different variants of collars, with decorative large metal buttons, patch pockets, fur inserts or trim, fringe, pelerine, which can be present in trendy winter coats.

The fashionable colors of winter coats 2021-2022 will be the following:

  • White
  • Beige
  • Sandy
  • A shade of “turmeric”
  • Graphite
  • Grey
  • Brown
  • Emerald
  • Milk
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Yellow

In addition to current color variations of coats for winter, it is important to pay attention to prints and colors that will make the winter look more dynamic, original and unique.

The following prints for winter coats 2021-2022 will be trending:

  • Cage of different kinds
  • Stripes
  • Prints
  • Abstraction
  • “Animals” and “predatory” prints

The advantage of the winter coat is that it can be worn with any items from your closet. This may be a fashionable winter sweater or sweatshirt with a print, knitted dress or skirt with a blouse, and as accessories you can choose sneakers, boots or boots, completing the image with a practical backpack or fashionable tote bag, clutch or over the shoulder.

Winter coat models 2021-2022: which coat is the best to choose in the new season?

Let’s take a closer look at the main trends for women’s coats in the winter period: what coat models will be at the top of popularity and what is best to combine them with? Next in the review, we’ll look at the top coat ideas for winter with examples of the top 10 trends.

Plush coat.

One of the most popular winter outerwear options will be coats model Teddy Bear Coat or teddy coats, which are particularly cozy and comfortable image with them. Among the styles worth mentioning is the plush overcoat overcoat and trench coat, the most popular colors of this coat for the winter will be white, milky, beige, brown and bright colors of orange and pink.

It is worth noting that the fashionable new plush coats this season will make a worthy competition to fur coats, so, looking for the next fashionable option for outerwear for the winter that would keep you warm and look great – choose a fashionable plush coat.

White coat

Winter quite often spoils us with snow-white landscapes, in connection with this winter coat in white will look very harmonious in this cold period of the year. Favorites will be white coats in a classic cut, models oversize, coat-coat, with a fringe decoration at the bottom, double-breasted and white plush coat. The white total look with a white coat for winter will be delightful.

Coat with “animal” print

Popularity of animalistic prints with each new season not only does not fall, but is gaining more and more momentum. Earlier we could observe leopard print and “python” print in the novelties of outerwear, but at the moment the “zebra” print and other original “animal” motifs, diluting street style and casual sets with coats, become more and more actual.

Checked coats.

Cage is one of those few prints that have moved into the category of “classic” and things with this print can safely include in the basic closet. A checked coat will look equally good with any things, starting with jeans and sweaters, ending with pants and dresses.

Among variations of the checkered coat you can find bright colors that create an intriguing accent in an image with a checkered coat, while a calm checkered print in gray is ideal as a basic piece that can be worn in everyday life with jeans, turtlenecks, dresses.

Coat with fur trim

Winter especially want coziness and warmth, which are perfectly realized in fashionable winter coats with fur trim. Hit of the season will be a plush coat in a milky shade, supplemented with a fur decoration on the sleeves and collar. Fur trim gives winter coats a touch of chic and glamour, with which the images will be more vivid and memorable.

Designers offer a variety of fur trim options for girls to choose from – from natural to artificial colored fur. Depending on the type of fur you can choose a fashionable winter coat, both for every day and for special occasions.

Winter coat maxi

Long coats are very relevant today, being offered evening styles, as well as freestyle models. Chic evening maxi coat will be a perfect completion to a refined winter look with a dress, jumpsuit or pantsuit.

Casual maxi coat is mostly presented in calm shades of gray, emerald, black, graphite colors and, for the most part, will suit tall girls who prefer to wear it with sneakers or rough boots.

Coat with a cape

For lovers of unusual styles are offered models of winter coats with a cape, which gives pomp and grandeur to a woman’s image. Since winter outerwear is characterized by some coarseness, the cape makes the images with coats more elegant and sophisticated, and at the same time feminine and elegant.

Bright coat.

Winter is not the time for sadness, on the contrary, it is worth choosing bright and colorful things in winter that would create a good mood and energize you with positive energy. A great idea to be bright is to choose a stylish winter coat in a rich color.

Coats in yellow, blue, orange, fuchsia color will be fashionable for winter 2021-2022. Moreover, designers offer not just bright monochrome coats, but also wonderful multi-colored models in two or more shades, or coat options with bright prints. What model to choose – you decide, but be sure that with such a coat you will not be left without attention.

Coats with decorations

Very fashionable and stylish will be winter coats with unusual decorations. Such as large metal buttons in two rows, spectacular belts and straps, rough stitching, patch pockets, trim in contrasting colors. All this makes winter coats unique and inimitable, for which girls especially fell in love with them.

Coats with fringes

Fashionable in this season will be coats with fringes, which designers used for decorating the hem of the coat. At the same time the fringe itself may be quite long or short, and the coat – monochrome or with a checkered print. Each of these options looks stylish and fresh, making the image in its own original and unique.

How and with what to wear fashionable winter coats 2021-2022? Let’s see the top images with coats for winter


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