Father helps his wife deliver a baby for the second time

Asking a woman who has been a mother how her experience was during the birth of her baby means that one of the first things she tells you is how long she was in labor, and it varies! there are women who only take a few hours, while others can last days in the operating room.

But there are also the luckier ones who give birth as soon as contractions begin; Sure, they’re lucky as long as they’re in a hospital, unless they have a husband like Dominic Lister, a man who helped deliver his wife for the second time. With someone like him, there’s no need to call the midwife.

Dominic, Elliot, Natalie and Alice in their van

The heroic 44-year-old father sprang into action after he had to stop his truck on the way to hospital due to road repair work while his wife Natalie, 37, was about to give birth. Remarkably, Dominic did the same in 2019, when his son Elliot was born at his home in Nottinghamshire, England, as a hotline operator explained what to do.

The brave father, who has been in the funeral business for 30 years, mentioned how special it has been for him to “bring life into the world”, since it contrasts with his usual work. The couple’s most recent drama occurred on February 7th when they were trying to reach Queen’s Medical Center in Nottingham, but were faced with detours and roadworks, and Natalie’s water broke around 10pm which meant that Dominic would have no choice but to stop before Alice arrived 15 minutes later.

Dominic carrying Alice

Several road repair workers came to the aid of the couple, while Dominic delivered the baby in the back of the truck. Everything happened so fast, that the poor man was in shock, and of course! When would he have imagined that he would have to go through something like this once again?

Fortunately, the delivery was smooth and the baby was born without complications, mother and daughter were in perfect condition and it was only a matter of keeping them as warm as possible due to the intense cold.

The hospital staff jokingly asked me if I would be interested in a job as a midwife, but I told them that helping deliver two babies was more than enough.

I think you should consider it!

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