Father shows off his daughter to the waiter by telling him he likes her

It is wonderful to have confidence in parents, because it becomes a dynamic that not only strengthens the family bond, but you can even tell them about everything. When there is good communication with them, we can feel that security that far from being scolded, we will find support and containment.

Getting along with them does not mean that they do not discipline us, on the contrary, they do it from a loving and empathetic language, to such an extent that we can joke with them or, rather, they with us. Like this girl, who was exposed by her father in front of a waiter by telling her that her daughter considered him handsome.

dad breaking up the waiter

The embarrassing moment for the young woman occurred in a restaurant and was captured and later shared on the user’s Tiktok account @ jay_vaughn4. In this clip we can see that the waiter approaches the table and, suddenly, the father calls him to say: “Excuse me, my daughter thinks you are very handsome.”

The girl, embarrassed, screams and hides under the table while the waiter is surprised and just says “Thank you”. But that was not all, because the man asked the young man for his name, to which he replied “Will”. The girl can’t believe her father’s action and she stays under the table as a way to hide the sorrow she felt.

girl embarrassed by her father

Currently, parents are more open to this type of situation, because it is not like before that we were afraid that dad would find out that a boy we liked, you know, parental jealousy. Now it is not like that and, frankly, we appreciate it, because not only have those barriers and old customs with macho overtones been removed, but also the closeness with the paternal side helps us to have the necessary tools in our lives.


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So if your father ever makes you feel embarrassed, it had better be a bit of good humor and not a scolding in front of everyone.

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