Favorite woman of Jackie Chan: why the idol of millions of 40 years hid his wife

Everyone knows the actor, stuntman and producer Jackie Chan. Many grew up watching the films of this clever charismatic guy and even wanted to be like him. But tell me honestly, have you ever thought about whether the idol of millions has a wife and why Mr. Chan himself prefers not to expand on this topic?

The press has repeatedly surfaced scandals related to Jackie Chan’s children. First, his son got into a bad drug story, and then his daughter came out and left the house to her friend. Since there are children, it means there was a wife, or maybe not. So it is, only legal, the only one with which the actor lived for 40 years. She always remained in the shadow of her stellar husband, who, as it turned out, is far from a gift.

The militant hero’s wife is named Lin Fengjiao. They met in 1982, when Jackie was already a famous actor. Lin went to visit her friend, the editor of a popular publication, and that day she had a meeting with a young star. They say that Chan fell in love with a girl at first sight, and after talking a little, he realized that this was his fate.

In 1983, a modest and secret wedding took place. Jackie Chan didn’t want his fans to know that he was married, as it would damage his image. Lin didn’t care – she was so in love that she agreed to a secret marriage without a second thought. In 1984, the couple had a son, Chang Zoming, who later took the name Jaycee Chan.

Despite the birth of a child, the actor continued to carefully hide his marital status from everyone and remained a promising groom for all fans. Jackie did not avoid women – he was often seen with various beauties, but in fact, his heart belonged only to his wife.

But love is love, and in 1999 the truth surfaced – during the filming of the film “Magnificent”, Jackie Chan had a short affair with actress Elaine Wu Qili, who gave birth to her daughter Etta Wu Zholin from her lover. An unsightly story spread across the tabloids, and although the actor categorically denied this connection, Lin did not believe him.

Etta Wu Zholin and Elaine Wu Qili Yes, the wife forgave the betrayal, but demanded that the husband be honest with everyone and recognize his paternity. Jackie Chan did so, but flatly refused to talk to journalists about the child. Soon, quarrels began in the family over money – the actor decided to give an impressive amount to charity, which was opposed by his son. A little later, the young man was detained by the police for possession of illegal substances and his father refused to help him.

In an interview with the press, Jackie Chan said that Jaycee knew what he was getting himself into and that it would be a good lesson for him. Fortunately, this case did not quarrel between father and son, and they still found a common language. Relations with Lin Fengjiao also did not deteriorate, and the couple still lives in perfect harmony.

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