Filtered video of Tom Cruise standing on plane in mid-flight

On more than one occasion, Tom Cruise has shown to have guts and to be a person very committed to his work in the productions of which he is a part, since in order to give it more realism he is capable of risking his skin without the help of some extra. nor using any effects like green screen.

Something that has characterized the 60-year-old interpreter is the risks he takes when filming dangerous scenes, either piloting helicopters or jumping from a moving train, these are things that Cruise trains and practices for, with the purpose of not defrauding their fans.

Tom Cruise on top of a red plane in full flight

At least that has been made clear in the saga of films of Mission Impossiblesince he recently became the center of the spotlight after leaking an impressive video in which the American actor can be seen standing on a plane in mid-flight for a scene from the tape Mission Impossible 7.

As you plan your advertising campaign for your new installment of Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoningdirector Christopher McQuarrie, shared a shocking video in which you can see the incredible and risky stunt that Tom Cruise does while traveling in a plane.

During a clip lasting just over 1 minute, it is observed how the interpreter of Ethan Hunt stands on a red plane that is in full flight. The most surprising thing about the video is that shortly before the end, the plane turns to the left while the actor continues in the same position saying a speech.

In addition, you can see how director McQuarrie interrupts Cruise’s dialogue to mention that they are about to start filming, so after a few words, the phrase “action” is heard and the planes turn at the same time in descent.

Tom Cruise standing in a plane that is in mid-flight

With this video, Tom Cruise demonstrates what he has said in several interviews, in which he assures that despite being 60 years old, he does not need a double to replace him in his action movies.

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