Find out why yellow flowers are given on September 21

In recent days, a new trend has gone viral on social networks and has confused several male users, or at least most of them, since they have come across videos of women remembering that today, September 21, flowers are given yellow to your partner. If you do not know where this curious practice comes from, here we will tell you about its origin.

The request has been around mainly on TikTok, where many users hinted at their boyfriends to give them yellow flowers on this day, since it means that your partner loves you and that your relationship is forever.


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♬ original sound – G Music

This trend has its roots in the soap opera Floricenta, originally from Argentina, who managed to reach Latin American television through the Disney Channel. Hence, several of us remember the beautiful melody that the protagonist, Florencia Fazzarino, sang, which referred to the romance she lived with Federico Fritzenwalden.

Since she was little, Florencia dreams of being given yellow flowers and when she meets her lover and lives her own love story, her fantasy finally comes true, that is, that Federico shows her his love and affection with a beautiful bouquet of this color. so special to her.


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♬ original sound – G Music

In the videos on the platform, it was determined that it would be today, because the date is close to the beginning of spring in Argentina. That is why they make the suggestion of giving this special detail to your partner or girlfriend while the famous song is heard in the background “She knew that he knew that one day it would happen, that he would come looking for her with her yellow flowers ..“.

So now you know, if you want to surprise your girlfriend or partner and give her a rather nostalgic but romantic gift, now is the perfect time to give her a beautiful bouquet of yellow flowers and remind her of how special she is to you.

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