Flattering dress styles for plus size women – Elegant cocktail plus size dresses

More recently, only collections of girls’ clothing with model silhouettes could be seen on the fashion catwalks. Today, many domestic and foreign designers create clothing lines for non-standard sizes, because the pursuit of care and beauty is characteristic of women of any age and skin tone. Therefore, a magnificent woman, who is 50 years old with a ponytail, is a beauty worthy of admiration and attention. And in her wardrobe she too must have gorgeous and fashionable dresses.

A special place should be reserved for dresses in your closet or dressing room – the most feminine outfit, which, like no other, emphasizes all the advantages of the figure. How to choose a fashionable dress, taking into account the age and features of the figure, complexion and shape of the face, we will detail this in the following.

Selection features Women who are at such a wonderful age and have a rather big size of clothes should not limit themselves when choosing an elegant dress. Unfortunately, there is no universal model of this wardrobe detail that will flawlessly decorate every figure, but given the body type and adhering to some rules, every lady can easily choose a stylish outfit for herself to create a business look, everyday bow or a festive event.

In order for the chosen dress to look perfect on your figure, you should choose the right cut of the product, the length and neckline of the neckline, because stylists strongly recommend focusing on the chest, waist and legs. Also, the quality of the material and the style of the product play an important role.

Actual styles Sheath dress Such a model of dresses is often called universal, because it is suitable for absolutely any age and, thanks to the peculiarities of the cut, it fits perfectly on any type of figure. Sheath dress is wonderfully combined with various capes, elegant jackets and visually aligns the silhouette. The actual length for the discussed age and build is just below the knee. The bottom of the dress can be straight or slightly tapered.

Wrap dress Options for a wrap dress visually align the proportions of the figure, especially if these are maxi or midi models. The waistline may be slightly high or low, but the most acceptable option is the natural position, which, due to the peculiarities of the cut, very well hides the existing tummy. A modest neckline and a belt at the waist with a nice fold in the wrap area look very feminine.

Basque A straight cut dress with a peplum length just below the knee simply stunningly stretches the silhouette, hides the “excess” on the sides and emphasizes the waist line. No less impressive are the variations of such models with a shortened and tapered skirt that opens the knee. The peplum can be of different lengths and an asymmetrical edge. The main rule is the absence of accompanying volumetric details and shuttlecocks in the image.

Tunic dress This model should not be too short. The length from the middle of the thigh is relevant only for warm options that are involved in creating sets with pants or leggings. The trapezoidal cut does not hinder movement and allows you to feel quite comfortable. Depending on the material, a tunic dress can become both an everyday and a festive outfit.

Asymmetric models The asymmetry of the cut is one of the wonderful opportunities not only to hide all the flaws of the figure from prying eyes, but also to look stylish. Distinctive features of such a proposal lie in the asymmetrical edge of the product, which can be one-piece or consist of several parts. Choosing such a model, you will forget about the ugly protruding tummy and covered sides.

Trapezoid The geometric name of the dress speaks for itself and does not require additional descriptions. The product flared to the bottom is able to hide everything unnecessary and is appropriate in any situation, whether it is a trip to a shopping center, an anniversary with a friend or a walk in the park with grandchildren. The model in the form of a trapezoid does not constrain movement, hides the volume in the hips, abdomen and beautifully emphasizes the chest line.

Dress shirt The oversized shirt dress popular these days is just perfect for a curvy physique. Elongated versions of lightweight fabrics wonderfully act as an independent outfit in the warm season. Cropped models made of denser material can be combined with tailored trousers or jeans. A neat accent in the form of a moderately wide belt at the waist will visually reduce the volume and hide the tummy.

Popular colors The black-and-white duet, according to stylists, is guaranteed to distract attention from extra pounds and noticeably “slim”, but this fact does not mean at all a rejection of colored and printed models. Both warm and cold shades, geometric patterns, floral dresses, vertical stripes and many other options are perfect for full ladies. The purpose of the selection is to refresh the skin color. Peach, milk, light green or pale blue will be an excellent everyday choice. For a special occasion, chocolate, cherry, blue or purple outfits are perfect.

Fashion Tips To always look stylish and remain a queen, even with curvy shapes and “frightening” numbers in the passport, designers recommend paying attention to the laconic style of outfits that exclude the presence of voluminous ruffles and eye-catching colors. Give up the high waistline and multi-layered models, which, however strange it may sound, are able to throw on extra pounds.

You should not buy models with fully open arms and shoulders in the bandeau style, because they will flaunt all the existing flaws in the upper part of your figure. Eliminate dresses made entirely of guipure or lace fabric from your wardrobe. Transparent or lace sleeves or original inserts on the bodice will be enough.

Models up to mid-calf length visually shorten the legs. The most relevant models remain the unchanged sheath dress, the tunic dress that is very popular today, models with a wrap, a peplum and asymmetric styles. As well as trapezoidal models, shirt dress and other examples.

For an hourglass figure, both straight and tapered or flared dress models are suitable. The broad shoulders and narrow hips, characteristic of the triangle shape, are corrected with a trapezoidal cut. A rectangular figure will become more feminine with a wrap dress model. Ladies with an apple-shaped physique should give preference to straight styles up to mid-knee length.

You can look stylish and elegant at any age and with any size of clothing. A fashionable dress should only emphasize your merits, endowing the whole image with notes of charm and elegance. Love yourself and your body, because beauty is first of all a reflection of inner peace and harmony with yourself.


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