Follow these tips to achieve a successful ‘home office’

Many of us find ourselves doing home office for some weeks now; For a small minority this may be something common and completely normal, but for the rest of us it is something completely new.

It is normal and understandable that we do not know exactly how it works or what we should do to make the experience of working from home the best it can be. So we give you some advice.

What has caused the home office?

Person making notes in agenda

After a large part of the workers began to work from home, about 86% present discomfort due to furniture or equipment.

The call home officeproduct of the measures to mitigate the Covid-19 epidemic, has increased musculoskeletal discomfort in workers.

—Nelson Gutierrez, Job Safety Training Specialist

This is basically because we spend too much time in one position.

Avoid muscle damage

Woman lying in bed

We all trust that working from home is something temporary and that it will end soon, so we do not see it convenient for you to acquire furniture that you will not use again; on the contrary, we want to help your pocket and we give you advice that will be very helpful.

take breaks

Cup of tea and computer
It is true that when working from home there may be some different distractions that you will face, but it is very important that you take breaks of 5 or 10 minutes every hour, this way your body will not feel overloaded.

change posture

Woman working at table

This is an important aspect and few people give it adequate importance. To work well and that our back, neck and hips do not present discomfort, we must take care of our posture; change it regularly, but above all do not work in your bed or on the sofa; use a chair and place your computer on a sturdy table.


bare feet walking

During the breaks between hour and hour try to walk in your house, whether you go for a glass of water or simply walk around the room; your muscles will not feel atrophied, you will be able to clear your mind and feel more free.


Girl stretching in sportswear

A very good piece of advice is that before and after starting your working day you do stretching exercises, not only for your arms, but also your legs, neck, back, fingers and feet; the blood will circulate throughout your body and you can feel more active.

move your back

Girl doing movements to avoid back pain

It is the most affected area if you do not have the right furniture to work at home, which is why you must maintain it well and without any pain. We recommend that you place your hands on the back of your neck and with your elbows from end to end move your torso from side to side, without moving the lower part of the body, so your back will not go numb.

psych up

Woman working sitting on the floor

Although it sounds very nice, you should not stay in pajamas, the clothes you wear affect your posture, because usually when we are in pajamas our posture is more careless. Try to dress casual, so not only your body but also your mind will know that it is time to work.

Drink water

Pitcher and glass of cold water

Always have a bottle of water with you, sip continuously, water oxygenates your brain and keeps you awake and focused, plus it is essential if you want a productive day.

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