From a shy stutterer to the presidency of the United States: the extraordinary story of Joe Biden’s life

The politician, who called himself an “automatic blunder machine”, has experienced many tragedies. Joe Biden will become the oldest president in US history, but his considerable age did not prevent him from overtaking Donald Trump in the elections. Despite the fact that many laugh at his reservations and confusion in words, most of the Americans have entrusted him with the management of their huge country.

Biden’s path to political Olympus was steep and fast, and his personal life is shaking with the depth of the grief that their family had to endure. Find out how the puzzles of the extraordinary American politician’s fate were formed from this article.

The vote count is not over yet, but most likely it will be Joe Biden who will become the 46th President of the United States, taking office at the age of 78. For many, the elderly candidate’s calmness is central to the choice between him and the explosive Trump.

Biden has been pursuing a career in politics for 40 years. He was twice the vice president under Barack Obama, but his personal life is full of tragedy and grief.

On December 18, 1972, just weeks after 29-year-old Biden was first elected Senator for Delaware, his world collapsed. He was in Washington DC making a deal to buy a new home for his family when the alarm bell rang. The politician was informed that his wife Neilia, who went to buy a Christmas tree with her three small children, had a terrible accident. Their car was hit by a truck.

Naomi’s young mother and newborn daughter were killed, while two sons, Bo and Hunter, survived but were seriously injured. Later, Biden will write in his memoirs that he could not utter a word upon hearing the terrible news. It seemed to him that he was being sucked in by a black hole. Then he even wanted to leave the Senate and become a priest, and in the evenings he wandered through dangerous neighborhoods in order to get into some kind of trouble. The senator was angry with the whole world and with God.

Until that terrible day, Joe Biden’s life was peaceful and success, it seemed, found him. The future politician was the eldest son of four children in a working-class Irish-American Catholic family. He was born on November 20, 1942 in Scranton, an industrial town in Pennsylvania. Biden recalls how his mother told him that he is not better than others, but no one is better than him.

The parents moved to Wilmington, Delaware, in 1953, where Biden’s father, Joe Sr., found a job as a boiler cleaner. Young Biden was a stutterer, which is why his classmates often mocked him. Even the nun teacher joked with the boy. Joe Jr. even wanted to quit school, but after his mother came to the teacher and threatened her to rip the cap off her head if her son was hurt further, everything worked out. In the end, Biden managed to overcome his stuttering by reading Irish poetry in front of a mirror.

In 1965, Joe graduated from the University of Newark, and before that, in 1964, he met his future wife, student Neiliya Hunter, in the Bahamas. Two years later, the lovers got married, and they had three children: Joseph Beau in 1969, Robert Hunter in 1970 and Naomi Christina in 1971. Then the future senator studied law at Syracuse University and did not participate in the then countercultural anti-war demonstrations.

The first step towards the political Olympus was the victory in the election of the head of the district council. In 1972, 29-year-old Joe Biden won the election and became Senator of Delaware. Then a terrible accident happened, which claimed the lives of his wife and youngest daughter.

In 1975, the politician met Jill Jacobs, who was 9 years his junior. On a blind date, he came dressed with a needle and politely shook the girl’s hand goodbye. Then Jill told her mother that she had met a real gentleman. In 1977 the couple got married, and in 1981 they had a daughter, Ashley.

For the first time, Biden swung into the seat of the US president in 1987. Then his application was rejected due to accusations of copying an excerpt from a speech by the leader of the Labor Party, Neil Kinnock. In addition, he made several false or exaggerated claims about his youth.

In 1988, Joe Biden passed out in a hotel when a blood vessel burst in his brain. After suffering complications, doctors worried that an influential politician could experience irreversible brain damage. Fortunately, everything worked out, and he managed to recover from his illness.

Joe Biden ran for the second time in the US presidential elections in 2008. Then he called his friend, the Democratic candidate, Barack Obama “the first African American – an articulate, intelligent, clean and good looking guy.” This blooper dealt a crushing blow to his election campaign. However, the politician spent two terms as vice president during the Obama presidency.His ridiculous slips began to be called “Baydenisms.” Joe Biden has a lot of such blunders. He asked the politician to stand up and applaud in a wheelchair, expressed condolences over the death of the Irish Prime Minister’s mother while she was alive and well, and made many more ridiculous blunders.

It seemed that in 2016 Biden would bypass Hillary Clinton and become a candidate for the presidency instead, but another tragedy knocked him down. In May 2015, his 46-year-old son, Bo Biden (pictured on the far right), died of brain cancer. The politician was no longer up to the elections. He needed time and energy to cope with grief and heartache.

When Donald Trump’s presidential term began to expire, Joe Biden decided to assert himself again. After he started his election campaign, a bunch of angry comments from various women fell on the politician, who accused him of harassment. Joe pledged to be more judicious and respectful of the ladies, but vehemently dismissed the accusation of sexual assault, as Tara Reed, a former employee of his office, said.

Then a photo of his son Hunter with a pipe full of crack appeared on the pages of the New York Post. The publication stated that Biden’s son used his father’s high position when he was vice president of the United States to profit from a Ukrainian energy company. Joe Biden dismissed all corruption allegations and called them libel. However, he admitted that his son Hunter suffered from drug addiction but overcame it.

The presidential candidate could not resist another blunder even at the end of the election campaign. This time, he introduced his granddaughter Finnegan to the crowd of fans, calling her “my son Bo”. The politician wanted to say that the girl is the daughter of his son Bo, but again he mixed everything up, because Finnegan is Hunter’s daughter, not Bo. Fortunately, Biden quickly realized that he had said something wrong and took Natalie by the hand, Bo’s real daughter.

In the end, the absent-minded politician even forgot the name of his opponent, Trump, speaking at the concert. He named him George instead of Donald. This was another reason for the explosive ex-president of the United States to ridicule him. However, this has not diminished the level of trust among Americans, who are tired of being too emotional about Trump. People are ready to forgive the newly elected president for his reservations, because it is better to make mistakes in words than pretentious lies and mistakes in deeds. Now Joe Biden will have to learn how to take pictures, as all American presidents did.

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