Girl asks for flights without children on board and is criticized in networks

There are certain sites or places that young children are not yet ready to go. Although one of the places that receives the most complaints is the cinema, it seems that now flights are also added to the list of places that adults are annoyed that parents take their children.

At least that’s how it is for this American girl, who, after hearing the whining and enduring the kicks in the back of her seat by a minor for three long hours, uploaded a video of the moment complaining about it and it went viral, generating a division of opinions among users.

face of a tiktoker who complained about hearing a child cry on a plane

The girl in question is Morgan Lee, a tiktoker Originally from Florida, United States, who is dedicated to sharing videos of her trips to different parts of the world. Ella, but she recently went viral after sharing the experience she had during a flight in which she was molested by a five-year-old boy.

Through a short 10-second video, the girl recorded a bit of the crying she had to endure during her flight. Despite wearing the headphones to inhibit the crying of that minor, these were not very helpful, since even she with music she continued to listen to the little one.

Lee assured that the flight lasted at least three hours and that he heard the child crying all the time while the child’s mother slept peacefully.

However, what was exhibited by the tiktoker in the clip it was not what generated the controversy in networks, but the text in which he questions why there are no flights only for adults, a question that offended many and for which he was harshly criticized by users.

girl on TikTok complains that a boy cried throughout the flight

The complaint of the flight in which Morgan Lee had to endure the kicks and the crying of the child did not go unnoticed, since a few days after sharing the video, it already has 63.6 thousand “likes”, 773.9 thousand reproductions and more than 23 thousand comments in which users debated whether or not the girl was right.

Despite the fact that she had more people who judged her and, sarcastically, recommended that there were already flights without children and that they were called private flights, there were a few others who gave her their support and said that it was not pleasant at all to have to deal with children. in a plane.

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