Girl breaks stereotypes and asks her boyfriend to marry her

When it comes to asking for marriage, the traditional and common thing is that the man is in charge of organizing a special moment to ask for the hand of his beloved girlfriend, with whom he wishes to share the rest of his life.

However, times change and with the fight for gender equality, some things are constantly evolving and now there are girls who dare to take the initiative and break with the stereotypes marked by society.

girl goes viral for proposing to her boyfriend

And for example we have this determined woman, who dared to take the initiative and proposed to her boyfriend in the archaeological zone of Teotihuacán, in Mexico, a tourist witnessed and captured the moment that soon went viral on TikTok.

It turns out that Jessi Hartmann was walking through the beautiful and amazing pyramids of Teotihuacán, when suddenly she saw a beautiful couple in love standing in front of the impressive view and suddenly, the woman knelt down with a ring in her hand and made her the famous He asks if he wanted to marry her.

people holding a canvas with which a girl asked her boyfriend to marry her in Teotihuacán

The girl was not alone in this proposal, since a couple of people were her accomplices and helped her hold a canvas with the question, will you marry me? next to the name of the boy who according to the sign is called Miguel.

In the viral recording with a duration of just 49 seconds, under the theme Marry You by Bruno Mars, the nervous girl is seen making the proposal to her boyfriend, who, surprised and excited at the moment, did not hesitate for a second to say yes! to his beloved girlfriend. Here is the emotional moment.

The unusualness of the act that this young woman did did not take long to go viral on networks, where countless users applauded the girl’s original decision to break with social molds, while a few others congratulated her and said that women should be normalized They can also ask for marriage.

Among the comments there were also men who tagged their partners requesting that they now be the ones who are asked to marry. However, the skeptical comments that condemned the action of the situation were not lacking, since there are still many conservatives who prefer to maintain the traditional form.

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