Girl evidences her date for arriving with a Hasbullah shirt

As an old saying goes: “First impressions are what counts” and although first impressions are not necessarily about appearance, when it comes to first dates, our image plays a huge role in how others perceive us.

While the best outfit for your first time out together will largely depend on where you’re going and what you’re planning to do, believe it or not, many people steer a date by judging by what the other person is wearing.

Joseph Gordon and Zoey Deschanel in 500 days of summer

One of those people is Victoria Biedma, a young Chilean woman who has generated controversy on social networks by exhibiting the annoyance caused by seeing the clothes with which her companion attended their first meeting.

The disenchanted Victoria took to TikTok to reveal through a video that she had spent an hour of her time getting ready to go out with a boy for the first time. However, she was very disappointed to see the shirt with which the boy arrived at her appointment.


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I spent an hour getting ready and this one came with a Hasbulla t-shirt.

Perhaps Victoria just wanted to share her disappointment with the world of TikTok, but she did not expect that it would go viral due to a large number of users who have branded her “frivolous” as a reproach for her attitude, since her video already accumulates more than 1.7 million of reproductions.

TikTok video capture of Victoria Biedma

As if that were not enough, his case reached Twitter, where he has also been criticized for judging the boy for his clothing and not for more important aspects. There were even some users who praised the style, but, above all, the shirt of his companion.

– Can you ask him where he bought it?

– She wanted to see the nakedness of his body, he showed her the nakedness of his soul.

Capture of a thread of Victoria Biedma's publication on Twitter

Who is Hasbullah Magomedov?

Hasbullah Magomedov

Hasbullah Magomedov is a young man of Russian origin who suffers from achondroplasia, the most common type of dwarfism caused by a genetic disorder that makes him look like a little boy when he is actually 19 years old. Hasbullah has become a star on social media due to his particular charisma and the humorous videos he stars in. In addition, he is known for practicing different disciplines, such as mixed martial arts and some extreme sports.

So now you know girls, maybe the next time you want to show off your date for her clothes, you will have to think twice.

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