Girl in Malaysia is surprised with her Elsa cake

Who does not remember the birthday parties that our parents used to give us when we were little? You will not let us lie when we say that everything was planned in the greatest detail. Surely you also had to have a specific theme, because they were always spoiled, never “unspoiled”. That’s why the decorations, the piñata, the costume and, of course, the cake were special and are memories that will always be with us.

This girl can confirm that she will never forget her most recent birthday cake because, without a doubt, it is there to be remembered. Through TikTok, the user @fitropfitrop, originally from Malaysia, shared the reaction her daughter had after seeing the unusual Queen of Arendelle cake that her parents had made to surprise her.

Girl is surprised after seeing her Elsa cake

Without a doubt, she was surprised, because when she saw the huge cake, the girl, who was wearing a beautiful Anna costume, did not know whether to laugh or cry. The truth is that we will have nightmares after seeing it, because it seems that Elsa has just come out of an operation that did not have the desired results.

The truth is that he does not share many similarities with the original character, only his white braid and blue dress, but from then on, he could be a botarga. The little girl made her astonishment clear, because she not only opens her eyes wide, but also approaches the cake to try to recognize what she is seeing, she even tries to look for the real Elsa in case she is hidden somewhere nearby. See for yourself.


Pada minta dipost yg polosan. Chiap Chayang. 🫡 #prankuglycake

♬ original sound – Fitrop – Fitrop

The story quickly went viral because such a cake catches everyone’s eye. Many did not hesitate to laugh, as they assured that it was one of the ugliest desserts they had ever seen. In addition, they told the mother that this would be a birthday that her girl would never forget. It will surely become a hilarious anecdote for the whole family.

Despite the initial reaction, the birthday girl did not hesitate to take photos with her gift and eat a large slice. What is certain is that if we were responsible for this work of art we would remain anonymous.

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