Girl is exhibited by classmates for not helping with homework

School work as a team is not easy at all, since organizing and delegating the activities that each member must contribute to the task is quite a case and, in the end, there is never a lack of a colleague who acts clueless and does nothing.

When that happens, there are only two options: show camaraderie and add the name of the classmate even if they haven’t done anything, or simply ignore it and notify the teacher.

screenshot of a school paper cover

Although most of the classmates have mercy and add the name of the person who did not help in the work, there are cases in which, like this group of students, they not only tell the teacher, but also display it on the front page of the task, putting the evidence that he preferred to go to aesthetics instead of attending to his responsibilities.

The story went viral on Twitter, a site where, through an account that no longer exists, they shared the screenshot showing the cover of a job created in Word, Microsoft’s word processing program, where Three students from the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the University of Guayaquil, in Ecuador, exhibited Roxana Monserrate for not contributing anything to the task and preferring to go to put keratin in her hair.

Facade of the University of Guayaquil in Ecuador

In addition, María, José and Jasleidy, the other members of the team, attached a photograph showing their partner with a emoji clown on her face while sitting in a beautician’s chair. In this way they explained to her teacher why she did not contribute anything to the work that, apparently, talked about the problems of solid waste.

The epic way in which the students in question exhibited their partner did not take long to gain popularity on networks, where a debate arose between users who felt identified with the girl who did not contribute to work and a few others who remembered the colleagues who did not They did nothing on homework and still put their name on the cover. And you? Which of the two students were you?

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